Monday, June 5, 2017

Guru Ashtottara ShathaNamavali Audio

At the request of Shreemati Veena G, a visitor to this blog, here is the Ashtottara Shatha Naamaavali for Guru Bhagawan. While she was interested in the Sahasranamam, this shorter hymn comprising of one hundred and eight names and qualities is what is presented for reasons not being dealt with here. This Ashtottara Shatha Naamaavali for Guru Bhagawan is indeed quite succinct and yet powerful and is aimed at appeasing Guru Bhagawan represented by the planet Jupiter.
While generally Guru brings in benevolent conditions, depending upon one’s individual horoscope, things might be different totally due to the positions of the Others; one needs to get the advice of a well knowledgeable astrologer. There are several sites that discuss ways and means to appease the Grahas and they are not repeated here. The simplest way one can appease all the Grahas is to be cognizant of Them and mentally respect Them and offer prayers for Their help and grace, regardless of whether times are difficult or easy.

The Guru Bhagawan Ashtottara Shatha Naamaavali in audio mp3 format given here runs at a slower pace, so the listener can repeat either mentally or verbally. If you are performing a homam, please add “Svaha” after every “Namaha” and make the offering to Agni.
This is a short hymn. 7 MB

And now the audio: 7 minutes 21 seconds long.
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The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

In the same site, you can find lyrics in other languages also.

Om Shree Brhaspathaye Namaha !



  1. thank you for this PRSADAM.

    1. Om Brhaspathaye Namaha !!

      The Ashtottara Shathanamavali presented here IS for Guru Bhagawan represented by Jupiter. The Sahasranama stotram that you referred to is for Guru represented by the Mentor (Teacher) and would not have suited for your goals. It was felt this explanation is more suitably placed in a comment rather than in the main body of the post.

      By the way, this is Prasadam from the Divine to you, not from me to you!

  2. GURUJI,
    in your recital of KALI PURAN you have provided BRIEF PORTION of each chapter.
    in brief description of chapters 29 and 30 you have described the glory of
    if time permits can you recite
    for your reply and new posts.
    thank you.

    1. Will attempt; but it might be a while though :(