Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sharabheshwara Sahasranamam Audio

At the request of “Veena G”, a visitor to this blog, here is the audio of the beautiful Sharabha Sahasranamam. While there are Shaivaite versions and Vaishnavaite versions of the Deity, Adiyen, being a Kalika Devi devotee in love with Sri Kalika Puranam, leans towards the avataram of Lord Sharabeshwara depicted Therein. He is depicted as black in color, with four feet down and four feet up, with an enormous body. In the thousand name hymn herein, He is depicted as King of birds (Pakshi Raajo Devata).
Sri Sharabheshwara is very very powerful; for the convenience of visitors here the following text is copy pasted from the post “Complete Kalika Puranam – Part 2” (Chapters 29 and 30) from this blog:

Chapter 29 Brief: The rishis ask Markandeya as to why the ganas of Shiva were created and why they assume many forms. To answer this, Sage Markandeya starts the story of Vishnu possessing the form Varaha, a licentious boar. Shiva tells Varaha the purpose for which this form was taken has been fulfilled namely bringing back earth to her former position. Varaha has amorous relationship with Prthvi during Her menstural cycle. Three sons Suvrata, Kanaka and Ghora were born out of this relationship, who plundered everything everywhere creating misery for the Gods.
Note: Chapter 29 and 30 must be listened together
Chapter 30 Brief: The Gods headed by Indra pray to Vishnu to alleviate the pain caused by Varaha. Vishnu tells the Gods that He has to give up His YagnaVaraha form but cannot do so on His own because of attachment to pleasures and that Shiva needs to help and Brahma needs to infuse Shiva with all the power needed. All the Gods infuse their energy unto Shiva, who then assumes the form of Sharaba with 4 feet above and 4 feet below looking ferocious. A massive fight ensues between Yagna Varaha and Sharaba along with their ganas. Narasimha came to assist Varaha. Vishnu touches Sharaba and infuses more energy. From the spray of foam from Sharaba’s mouth ganas emerge that are of various forms, some looking pleasant and some violent looking ( this is described in detail ). Sharaba cuts Narasimha into 2 parts – from the human part Sage Nara emerged and from the lion part Narayana emerged. Yagna Varaha gets ready to give up His body and tells Sharaba to kill Him and the various parts of His body represent the various aspects of yagnas (sacrifices). Varaha also says that because of his continued relationship with Prthvi, the embryo conceived by Prthvi will be protected by Her, but when She approaches You, you can kill him. Shiva ganas are described in detail. Then Varaha is eliminated and merges with Hari.
Merits: Chapter 29 and 30 when listened to or recited together has the following merits: A. Helps in following Dharma. B.Gives wealth. C. Satisfies lustful desires. D. Gives strength. E. This represents superior penance itself. F. Provides satisfaction. G. Provides nourishment. H. Suffering is eliminated.
Detailed Wikipedia article is found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharabha .

It has been certainly blissful, to say the least, to recite this thousand name hymn; this is the first Sahasranamam so far recited that is LOADED HEAVILY with bija aksharams (seed syllables) – more than any other in this blog so far. As one may know, bija asksharams are very powerful; everything starts from a seed, whether a humongous banyan tree or a sophisticated human being. Tremendous care has been taken to pronounce as best as possible. Sri Kaalaagni Rudra is the Rishi; and while the lyrics very clearly state the MASSIVE POWERFUL capabilities of this stotram, one is cautioned heavily against using it for harmful purposes; doing so will only backfire. On the other hand, when recited or listened to with love, Sri Sharabheshwara removes diseases (verse 56),gives sidhdhis (powers)(verse 115), eliminates effects of evil spirits (verse 119), eliminates dangers and poisons from wild animals (verse 120); several verses that follow indicate that one who speaks ill of a reciter or listener or reader of this hymn will get destroyed completely. Listen with utmost love and devotion to Sri Shabeshwara and receive His blessings !!
This is a long hymn. 29 MB.

And now the audio: about 31 minutes long.
( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)


NOTE: BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE ABOUT 29 MEGABYTES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- You will have to answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is a big file and praise  to Sri Sharabeshwara  -- His Grace is magnificent !

Sanskrit lyrics can be found at:

There are some printing errors as listed below in the link to lyrics given above; these have been corrected in the audio.
Dhyaanam 2nd line: Add the letter “a” in front of last syllable “gni”.
Verse 14 Line 1: Last word should be “vasu” not “vassu”.
Verse 23 Line 1: “KaalaKaalagyaani” should be “Kaalakalaagyani”.
Verse 28 Line 2: “Should be “Poorna” not “Poornam”.
Verse 31 Line 1: “Hrough” and "Kshmrough” should be “Hroughm” and “Kshmroughm”.
Verse 40 Line 2: “Srough” should be “Sroughm”.
Verse 53 Line 2: Extra “cha” in “Chathushpada” should be removed.
Verse 66 Line 2: “Kaalaatheetho” should be “Kalaatheetho”.
Verse 76 Line 2: “Kha” should be “Kham”.
Verse 97 Line 1: "Vinaayaka" should be "Vinaashaka".
Verse 114 Line2: “Thouravibhowmayo” should be “Ravibhowmayo”.
Verse 115 Line 1: Add the letter “Su” before “Samyuktho”
Verse 118 Line 2: “Labhathesakshipram” should be “Labhathethkshipram”.

Om Shree Sharabeshwaraaya Namaha !



  1. as mentioned earlier after leaving my son i have started going to old age home.in your blog you have mentioned that any one can freely distribute your works.
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  3. Dear Guruji,

    Namaste! Thank you so much for this sahasranama, i am chanting daily listening to your audio. I am able to learn this sahasranama thanks to your divine efforts. I want to know whether reciting Sri Sarabha Sahasranama is helpful in financial crisis.