Thursday, February 8, 2018

English lyrics for Bhuvaneshwari Sahasranamam

There was a comment made by Srimathi Kavitha, a visitor to this blog, to provide lyrics in English for the beautiful Bhuvaneshwari Sahasranamam. The audio for this as well as the lyrics in Sanskrit are posted at the following link: Bhuvaneshwari Sahasranamam Audio

The response made was that it is difficult to get the lyrics in English; the only option being to physically develop it from the original Sanskrit version. This seemed like a huge task; but when the Devi Wills, things happen. The task was undertaken and the English version of the original Sanskrit lyrics is available for all at:  English Lyrics For Bhuvaneshwari Sahasranamam

During the development of the lyrics, the mind was filled with unbound happiness; and so, prior to making this post, a Bhuvaneshwari Sahasramamam Homam was conducted in the backyard; three short video clips are presented below. The picture at the top of this post is a still photo taken of the Homam. One might be able to observe the beautiful Devi Herself in a seated posture in the Agni !

A heartfelt thanks to Srimathi Kavitha for the comment and the request; now it is available for all !


Om Sri Bhuvaneshwari Devi Namo Namaha !!

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