Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lakshmi Narayana Hrdayam Audio

There are some stotrams given to us by the Great Maha Rishis that REALLY appeal to our hearts. Whenever the Lakshmi Narayana Hrdayam is heard, all awareness turns to IT, the feet stop moving and the heart overflows; hence, this wonderful hymn is presented here for the pleasure of all divine souls everywhere.
The formal proper method of recital and listening is Narayana Hrdayam first, followed by Lakshmi Hrdayam, followed by Narayana Hrdayam; the audio here completes the whole treatise in this order, so listening to this audio in its entirety completes the formal proper method of completion. The first Narayana Hrdayam stops at 10:00 minutes into audio, then Lakshmi Hrdayam stops at 38:10 minutes into audio, then second Narayana Hrdayam starts.

Miraculous events happened as the recording of this shloka was taking place, which is preferred NOT to be elaborated. Suffice to say that this is ONE POWERFUL hymn. Couple of different meters are used in this shlokam whose Rishi is Bhargava Rishi.
This is a long hymn. 44 MB

And now the audio: 47 minutes 55 seconds long.
( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

NOTE: BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE ABOUT 44 MEGABYTES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- You will have to answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is a big file and praise to Lord Narayana and Goddess Mahalakshmi -- Their Grace is magnificent !

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Lyrics in other languages is also found in the above site.

Several sites provide meanings to the shlokas; the following link is suggested if one is interested:

Om Namo Narayanaya Om Sri Mahalakshmi Namaha Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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