Thursday, March 3, 2022

ArdhaNaareeshwara Sahasranama Stotram Audio


I had just completed a Shiva Sahasranama Homam at our home in the backyard and was in cloud nine. Usually, after such an event, I usually lie down and rest up. And just then I saw a comment by a visitor "Unknown" asking if the Ardhanaareeshwara Sahasranama Stotram can be made available in this blog in audio form.

It felt as though it was a Divine Order from Shiva and Parvathi. Hence it was taken seriously and here it is for all to enjoy and offer love and devotion to Shiva and Shakthi at the same time.

It was a bit difficult to recite but at the end I think it came out well.

This is a long hymn. 47MB

And now the audio: 32 minutes 54 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

There are some errors in the audio as follows:

Approx 3:16 mins: Verse 19 - line 2: Utsedha NOT Utsodha

Approx 7:14 mins: Verse 43 - line 2: Madharchita NOT Madhaarchita

Approx 11:21 mins: Verse 68- line 2: Thaangi NOT Thaangri

Approx 13:08 mins: Verse 80 - line 1: Rava NOT Raava

Approx 14:35 mins: Verse 89 - line 1: Veejitha NOT Vaarjatha

Approx 17:16 mins: Verse 105 - line 2: Jashadhi NOT Ishadhi

Approx 18:22 mins: Verse 113 - line 1: Raamrta NOT Ramrta

Approx 21:06 mins: Verse 129 - line 2: Naagamani NOT Naagaamani 

Approx 24:00 mins: Verse 148 - line 1: Bhaktha NOT Bhakthaa

Om Namah Shivaya ! Om Sri Parvathi Devi Namo Namaha !