Friday, December 13, 2019

Navaratri 2019 Celebrations

A little belated -- nevertheless wanted to log in the activities of Navaratri celebrations of 2019. Just like in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the same desire to conduct a Maha Chandi Homam every day of the nine days came back in the mind in 2019. Articles for the previous years can be found in the Writing Section of this blog. Being a year older now, there was increased worry in the mind about stamina. And as before, hoped for the help of the Divinities.  
Srimathy, Ajay and Sapna were responsible for the set up of the massive Golu arrangement in the basement – eleven steps taller than six feet, 18 feet wide and front to back was 9 feet. This is the picture on top of this post with Srimathy, Ajay and Sapna (along with Adiyen) beside the golu.

Just like in previous years, boxes of wood were cut and ready, bags of coconut were purchased – pre-cut in halves and put into smaller bags, plenty of bottles of ghee were purchased; plenty of  betel leaves, mango leaves and fruits were in stock. Srimathy made fresh food for the Divinities every day after shower and in a state of “Madi” ( which means absolute cleanliness in Tamil ). This time too, workplace allowed me to come AFTER the Homam every day around 2:30 pm and do whatever had to be done.
As before, health co-operated – no cold, flu or cough or digestion problems. Weather this year was predicted to be generally good and it was.

The event went beautifully – everyday the Homam comprised of Pavamaana Suktham, Ganapathi Homam followed by Kavacham, Argala Stotram, Keelakam, Sidhdha Kunjika Stotram, Devi Atharva Sheersham, Vedoktam Raatri Suktam, Tantroktam Raatri Suktam, Navarna Mantra, Nyaasams,etc, then Thirteen Chapters of Durga Saptashati, 3 Rahasyams, Kshama Praarthanaa, Sri Suktham. The Navagrahas were invited, Siddha Purushaas, Maha Purushaas, Bhairavas, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Saraswati, Kali, Mahalakshmi, Para Shakthi Devi, Kanchi Maha Periyava, Sri Dr. G. Krishna Kumar, Sivan Sar, several Maharishis, Mata Amrutanandamayi, Ramanuja, Manavala Maa Muni, Hayagreeva, Mitra, Varuna, etc, etc, etc all with an offering of Aahuti. It took 2 ½  hours to prepare, 4 hours for the Homam and ½ hour to clean up after.  On the tenth day Shiva Sahasranama Homam was performed. The whole ceremony was pure bliss! James, from the workplace, attended on one of the days. The Ninth day of Navaratri was very special, because that represented the 500th  Homam conducted at home from the start. Guests were fed.
As in previous years, short (roughly two minutes or less) video clips were taken every day during the Homams by Srimathy and the clip from Day 1 alone is presented here.

Day 1 : Maha Chandi Homam. ( 2 minutes 17 seconds )

 Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Mahalakshmi Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Maha Saraswati Devi Namo Namah ! Om Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Krishna Kumaraaya Namo Namaha ! Om Namaschandikaayai !


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