Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mrtyunjaya Sahasranamam Audio

A visitor to this blog by the name of "OneUponALongLostRoad" commented on The Dhoomavati Mala Mantram Audio post asking that the Mrtyunjaya Sahasranamam Hymn be recited; there was something compelling there. Hence this post.

Lord Shiva – the Mrtyunjaya Devata is the main Deity of worship here. The term Mrtyunjaya that literally means conquering of Death has to be deeply contemplated upon. The common thought that all that come here exit anyway and so no conquering can take place is an oversimplistic view. Of course, as the physical frame weakens, it does one day fall off. But that is not the concern here.

The Mrtyunjaya Stotram ( hymn ) in the first place tries to ward off “untimely” departure. Secondly, it definitely gets rid of the fear of departure. Thirdly, it requests blessings from the Almighty to enable a painless separation of the soul from the body: this is the Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra which requests Lord Shiva to allow one’s departure to be as painless as the process of a cucumber separating from its plant.

Volumes have been written about the “concept” of death ( and therefore “birth” ). Even the Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra has been explained by various Sages looking at it from different views.

It is felt by the reciter that one should recite / listen to this hymn for the pure, unblemished love for the Great Lord Shiva. After all, He consumed the poison from the churning of the ocean, so the rest of us could survive. ( Hence Shiva is known as Neela Kantha – one with a blue throat ). Such a peaceful Shiva is certainly looking out for the best for all of us !

This is a beautiful stotram; especially verses 118 to 124 are interweaved with very powerful seed syllables – bija aksharams – this starts at 20 minutes 24 seconds into the audio. 

Of course, there is a strong Phalasruthi portion after verse 124 at 21 minutes and 37 seconds into the audio, where the Rishi states that by listening to or reciting this stotram, one would become resplendent as the God of Fire ( Agni Devata ) and develop poetic skills [verse 128]; reciting at midnight or in a cremation ground one could develop siddhis ( powers ) [verse 130,131]; one who recites ten times with minimal clothing and uncombed hair would become a king in this life and get salvation hereafter [verse 136], etc.

It has been a pleasure reciting this smooth flowing stotram from the Rudrayamale Tantra. Please enjoy for the love of it. We all have been given enough good things by the Divine. Let’s thank.

This is a very nicely flowing hymn and the lyrics are simply sweet. 

This is a long hymn. 22 MB

And now the audio: 24 minutes 23 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)


Errors in the printed lyrics have been corrected in the audio.:

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :


Here is a short 37 second clip from a Homam performed using this Sahasranamam in the backyard of our home on February 28, 2021.

Om Nama Shivaaya !



  1. In the words of Shakespeare “I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks and ever thanks”
    The ever kind All-Father Lord Shiva and You.
    Mr. Raghavan, I just found this today.
    You made my day!!
    This is one of those very special Sahasranamas that I absolutely love but struggle with the pronunciation of. There is a commercial version, and it’s good but I didn’t find myself falling in love with it.
    The Dhyanam is so so beautiful, no matter how many times I do this one I still find myself wanting to do more.
    As usual, exceedingly well done. Thank you.

    1. It was an absolute pleasure ! Thank you SO much for this guidance.

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    1. Thank You Sir So Much For Your Helpful Comment. This will benefit all ! Namaste!

  3. Can you send the "Errors in the printed lyrics have been corrected in the audio.:" so we can correct the text? Let me know at sanskrit@cheerful.com

  4. Ayya, what is the benefits of receiting shivopasana mantra. Can we do japam on that ?

    Pls enlighten me.

    Thx ayya

    Namah shivaaya

    1. Sri Kesavan Sir: I am NOT a saint or a knowledgeable person on your question. Personally, I would worship Lord Shiva or any other Deity just for love. Not expect back anything.

      It is a blessing to even be able to think about such topics. Therefore, you are ALREADY enlightened - just don't know about it.

  5. Hi ayya,

    For shivopasana mantra, what are the benefits of recitation. Can we do japa of 108 times as sadhana. Kindly seek for your advice.

    Thx ayya

    1. Any offering of Japa, Homa, etc done with love IS a Saadhana, in my humble opinion. The Divine DOES notice: what results have to come to you will come in due course of time.

      Be patient. Success is yours. Nature NEVER shortchanges !

  6. Thank you so much sir for this . It will be my request to you if you could also please recite the Bhairav Sahasranama too please

    1. Namaste Srimathy Neha: If the Great Lord Shiva wills, it will happen. I am a puppet like we all are. Thank you for visiting and may you be blessed with all the good things !!

    2. Thank you so so so much sir for Bhairav Sahasranaam . May lord shiva bless you with all the happiness.

    3. It was Shiva that ordered me through you for it ! Happy to be a part of other peoples' happiness !!