Sunday, January 3, 2021

Miraculous Paada Yaatraa 2020

Srimathy ( Adiyen’s better half ) had started the tradition of Paada Yaatraa ( penance by walking ) from one's home to the local Satya Narayana Temple in Middletown, CT for Lord Muruga back in 2018. We did it in 2018 and 2019. Aadi Krthikai fell on Aug 11 in 2020. 

With the onslaught of the corona virus, only 3 people had signed up; others declined giving various reasons. The problem I faced was that there were only 3 of us left in the workplace: myself, Srimathy and James: rest were off on unemployment. 

I was afraid that if Srimathy or I faint or fall dizzy during the walk, the emergency services may be impossible due to the pandemic. With only James left, production at the workplace would come to a complete stop. Hence the mind was disturbed; with a heavy heart, we almost cancelled. 

But this is where the Divine steps in. 

Just a couple days ago, a massive storm went through Connecticut and uprooted HUGE trees and dropped them to the ground; the photo at the top of this post shows this. There were massive power outages and the workplace lost power. No production could take place anyway: Lord Muruga took away that concern! 

And due to the pandemic, Sapna ( my daughter ) who had just graduated from college, was at home waiting to start her new job. And she offered to follow us every step of the way in her car to provide rest breaks and keep an eye on our well-being! So we decided at the last minute to start the penance, but to extend the process to 6 days instead of the usual 3 day schedule: this would minimize the risk. 

Every day in the morning, I would go to the workplace only to find that power had NOT been restored; come back home, take a shower and continue with the journey! 

Day 1 start photo from our back yard as we started the journey below:

Another miracle was that there was a HUGE tree completely blocking the road just half a mile from our home; to take a bypass route would add another mile or so to the journey. Believe it or not, just half an hour before our start, that tree was cleared !!! The first photo below shows the massive crews working on that and the power lines !!

And to add to the help from the heavens, our close family friend Mr. Senthilnathan and his wife Mrs. Hema Malini Senthilnathan offered to cook food for us while we were on the trekking route. Here is a photo ( L to R: Ms. Hema Malini, Ms. Sapna, Ms. Srimathy and Mr. Senthil Nathan ) and a short clip showing that:

And Sapna gave us a ride every day back to our home and every day forward to the previously stopped spot ! Video clip below : taken in East Hartford.

Believe it or not, the day the Paada Yaatra ended, power was restored to the workplace !!! And production resumed !!! 

It felt like Lord Muruga wanted us to get the pleasure of offering Him our sacrifice ! 

Of course, due to gathering restrictions, Kaavadi and Paal Kudam functions were cancelled at the temple. However, a small group of us attended the Abhishekam for Lord Muruga on the 11th and a beautiful garland of flowers on the Deity fell, indicating blessings from the Great Lord Muruga !! 

And here is the last photo with myself and Srimathy at the back and Sapna in the front at the end of the journey in front of Satya Narayana temple !

Special thanks to Sapna, Mr. Senthil Nathan and Mrs. Hema Malini Senthil Nathan !! You the reader of this post was Chosen by Lord Muruga to get His blessings through this post; for if He doesn’t Will, Nothing Happens ! 

Vel Vel Muruga !! Vetri Vel Muruga !!


  1. What a story! Divine interventions all the way. Vetrivel Muruganukku Arohara.

    1. Thank you SO much Ramana !! Your Presence here is Divine indeed.

  2. It was my pleasure entirely to visit, read and comment Raj. All the best.