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Narasimha Puranam Full Audio 2 of 3


This is part 2 of 3 of the titled post. The introduction to this entire set is at PART 1, which needs to be read in order to use this part; all the instructions are to be found there. Downloading instructions are there also.

And Now the Continuation of the Audio of Sri Narasimha Puranam:


Ch 24: Story of Ikshvaku: 8.8 MB – 45 Verses – 7 mins 15 sec

Story of Ikshvaku begins. He was the king of Ayodhya as part of the Solar dynasty and wanted to obtain a vision of Lord Vishnu. To this effect, he consulted Sage Vasishta, who gave him instructions.

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Ch 25: King Ikshvaku’s Penance: 11.8 MB – 72 Verses – 12 mins 56 sec

King Ikshvaku follows the instructions of Sage Vasishta, worshipping Lord Ganesha first and then starts penance to see Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma then appears and tells him to worship an icon of Lord Vishnu and Ananta Sesha Naagaa, which he does. Eventually, he attains Lord Vishnu.

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Ch 26: Important descendants of Ikshvaku: 4.3 MB – 13 Verses – 4 mins 43 sec

Prominent and chivalrous kings of the solar dynasty in the lineage of King Ikshvaku are listed, including Lord Rama.

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Ch 27: Important Kings of the Lunar Dynasty: 4.6 MB – 16 Verses – 4 mins 9 sec

Sage Atri produced Moon from the womb of Anasuya. Moon was given 27 daughters in marriage by Daksha Prajapati. Budha (Mercury) was produced by Chandra and Rohini. Budha and Ila produced Pururava. Pururava and Urvashi produced Aayuu. Roopavati and Aayuu produced Nahusha who from the womb of Pitrmati produced Yayati. Yayati is an important figure in the Lunar Dynasty.

Other important figures include Dushyanta who married Shakuntala, Ajameeda, Shaantanu, etc.

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Ch 28: Story of King Shantanu losing and regaining his power: 7.9 MB – 41 Verses – 7 mins 9 sec

This chapter describes the story of King Shantanu losing his power due to crossing the Nirmalya of Lord Narasimha and regaining it later by serving Brahmins by washing their pots.

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Ch 29: Lineage of King Shantanu: 4.5 MB – 13 Verses – 4 mins 9 sec

Description of the lineage of King Shantanu is presented. Included are notable figures such as Arjuna, his son Abhimanyu, Shataanika, Sahasraanika, etc.

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Ch 30: Description of the Seven Dveepaas: 10.8 MB – 52 Verses – 9 mins 59 sec

The seven continents of the earth named Jambu Dveepaa, Plaksha Dveepaa, Shaalmali Dveepaa, Kusha Dveepaa, Knouncha Dveepaa, Shaaka Dveepaa and Pushkara Dveepa are described. The oceans surrounding these are listed. Brief dealing of heaven and the activities that lead one to attain heaven are described.

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Ch 31: Story of Dhruva: 24.1 MB – 120 Verses – 21 mins 29 sec

Svayambhuva Manu’s wife was Shatarupaa. They had two sons, namely Priyavrata and Uttanapaadaa. Uttanapaada had two wives, namely Suruchi, the queen and Suneeti, an ordinary woman. From the womb of Suruchi, the elder wife was born Uttamaa. From the womb of Suruchi, the other wife, was born Dhruva.

The King always treated Uttamaa better than Dhruva. The young Dhruva told this to his mother and wanted to rise to great heights, better than what the King could provide. Hence he went to the forest to pray to Lord Vishnu. He sought the guidance of the Great Rishis such as Marichi, Atri, angira, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu and Vasishta for his penance. Eventually, Lord Vishnu bestows upon Dhruva the position of the Pole Star which in effect controls the entire solar system !

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Ch 32: Story of King Sahasranika: 5.9 MB – 21 Verses – 3 mins 21sec

Sage Bhrugu details the story of King Sahasranika of the Lunar Dynasty, who wanted to worship Lord Narasimha and explains the magnificence of this worship.

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Ch 33: Story of King Jayadhvajaa: 14 MB – 85 Verses – 12 mins 39 sec

King Sahasranika asks the question about the merits of cleaning and sweeping temples, offering Abhishekams, etc.

Sage Markandeya explains with a story. Once Yudhistira along with wife Draupadi and a team go on a trek to visit holy places. They come across a monster Bahuroma disguised as a saint, whose intention was to abduct Draupadi.  To help him, another monster named Sthulashira appeared, claiming he was looted by thieves.

The team decides to leave Draupadi in the “safeguard” of Bahuroma and go with Sthulashira in search of the thieves. They found none. Sensing foul play, they destroy Sthulashira and come back to only to find both Draupadi and Bahuroma missing. They go hunting for them and finally find them. Bahuroma drops Draupadi and runs. Chasing Bahuroma, they find he falls to the ground and suddenly appears as a four armed God.

Arjuna was surprised and asked Bahuroma the details. Bahuroma said that in a previous birth, he was King Jayadhvaja who cleaned temples. When the priests of the temples inquired the King, Jayadvaja said in yet a previous birth, he was born as a Brahmin named Raivata, who abducted women and stole their belongings. At one point, he took some women to a temple in ruins and proceeded to clean the temple and light a lamp first before having an affair.

Some guards thought he was a spy and killed him. Since he cleaned the temple, he ended up in Vishnu Loka. When Sage Narada came to Vishnu Loka, he (Raivata) did not salute him and so Narada cursed he would become a monster and when he will try to abduct Draupadi, Yudhistira would come and at the sight of him, he would regain his Godly form and return to Vishnu Loka.

That is the power of cleaning a temple !

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Ch 34: Benefits of services to Lord Narasimha: 9.4 MB – 60 Verses – 8 mins 54 sec

Details of the merits of providing every single service to Lord Narasimha, including offering of flowers, abhishekam, sandal, basil leaes, fragrances, Pradakshina, etc are provided.

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Ch 35: Procedure for Homas and their merits: 4.5 MB – 25 Verses – 4 mins 29 sec

Detailed procedures for performing a 100,000 and 10,000,000 homa offerings are outlined.

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Ch 36: Incarnations of Lord Vishnu: 1.9 MB – 11 Verses – 1 mins 53 sec

The various incarnations of Lord Vishnu are briefly addressed.

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Ch 37: Destruction of Demons Madhu and Kaitabha in Matsya Avataram: 6 MB – 36 Verses – 5 mins 32 sec

In this chapter, the killing of demons Madhu and Kaitabha is detailed.

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Ch 38: Kurma Aataram and the Story of the churning of the ocean. 7.3 MB – 44 Verses – 6 mins 45 sec

This chapter deals with the well known story of the churning of the ocean, with Lord Vishnu as the Tortoise, the Mandarachala mountain as the shaft and Vasuki, the serpent as the rope. The ocean of milk gets churned, the first poison coming out of it is taken up by Lord Shiva and then the nectar is distributed to the Gods, giving them immortality.

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Ch 39: Varaha Aataram and the Story of the killing of Hiranyaakshaa: 3.3 MB – 20 Verses – 3 mins 6 sec

The demon Hiranyaakshaa was the son of Diti. Living in the nether world, he constantly disturbed Gods and people that performed Yagnas on earth. The earth lost its holding power and got submerged in the water. Lord Vishnu took the avataram of a giant boar, killed Hiranyaakshaa  and lifted the earth and put back in place, so life can continue in peace.

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Ch 40: Introduction to Narasimha Avatara: 9.4 MB – 61 Verses – 8 mins 44 sec

Hiranyakashipu, the second son of Diti, performed severe penance and Brahma appears ready to offer boons. Hiranyakashipu asks that his death not occur inside a house or outside, not by day or by night, not by animals nor by Gods and so on. He does get these boons.

Immediately, he told his subjects that he was the king of the three worlds and that all worship should only be directed to him. The Gods were in despair and go to Brhaspati, their teacher, who tells them to worship Lord Vishnu.

The Gods lead by Lord Shiva go to Vishnu. Shiva recites a phenomenal hymn of 100 names. Lord Vishnu tells them that the end of the demon is near.

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Ch 41: Story of the Birth of Prahlada: 9 MB – 64 Verses – 9 mins 18 sec

After receiving boons from Brahma, while Hiranyakashipu was getting caulky, something bothered him: there were earthquakes and bad omens. So he decided to go back to the forest and do more penance. This decision was concerning to Brahma who wanted to stop that penance. Sage Narada told him he would take care of it.

Sage Narada and another hermit Sage Parvata took the form of two birds reciting the name of Narayana; this aggravated the demon who went home to tell his wife about the events. That night, a baby was conceived; because of the chanting of the birds, the baby named Prahlada was born who became an ardent Vishnu devotee.

Prahlada kept preaching the greatness of Lord Vishnu and this aggravated his father quite a bit.

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Ch 42: The Tormenting of Prahlada: 6.5 MB – 39 Verses – 6 mins 40 sec

Hiranyakashipu tormented his son Prahlada by various horrible means, but none of them had an effect on the staunch devotion of Prahlada to Lord Vishnu.

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Ch 43: The Tormenting of Prahlada Continues: 15.1 MB – 89 Verses – 13 mins 27 sec

Prahlada continues to preach to his fellow disciples about Lord Vishnu. When asked where he learnt all that, he said when his father went to the forest to perform penance for a second time and his mother was carrying him in her womb, Indra approached her with improper desires and Sage Narada drove him away saying she was pregnant with a powerful Vishnu devotee. And Narada was educating her on spiritual matters that got transmitted to him.

Eventually, Prahlada gets thrown into the sea tied with snakes. There he got a vision of Lord Vishnu, who told him He would appear in the form of a ferocious Lord Narasimha and his father would get destroyed shortly.

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Ch 44: Lord Narasimha’s incarnation: 7.3 MB – 43 Verses – 7 mins 9 sec

When Prahlada returned unscathed from the sea, Hiranyakashipu took out his sword called Chandrahasa and said “if your Lord Vishnu can appear from this pillar, then I accept you, but if He doesn’t, this sword of mine will cut you to two pieces.”

Just then Lord Narasimha came thrashing out of the pillar. ( The description of Lord Narasimha is quite powerful in the recitation ! ) The king’s soldiers and assistants were all slaughtered and Lord Narasimha teared off Hiranyakashipu to pieces ! Prahlada was enthroned.

Verses 40 to 42 describe the merits to one who listens to this magnificent episode of Lord Narasimha !

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Ch 45: Lord Vamana Avataram: 7.5 MB – 46 Verses – 7 mins 18 sec

Story of King Bali and the taking of his entire kingdom by Lord Vamana, the attempt to thwart it by Shukracharya and the piercing of the latter’s eyes using a kusha grass by Lord Vamana.

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Ch 46: Lord Parasurama Avataram: 7.6 MB – 43 Verses – 7 mins 37 sec

King Kartavirya with his army of soldiers once took shelter at Rishi Jamadagni’s place. The Rishi instantly transformed his hut into a huge palace and provided super food to the guests. When ready to leave, the palaces disappeared and it was back to the hut. Puzzled, the king asked how this happened. The Rishi said it was the work of the Divine cow Kamadhenu. The king wanted to take the cow to his palace. The Rishi and his wife forbade him, but his minister, a Brahmin killer, tried to take the cow forcibly, at which point, the cow disappeared into the sky.

Parasurama, who was Jamadagni’s son returned home and found his mother weeping. He knew by Divine vision what happened. Rishi Jamadagni was then killed by Kartavirya’s clan. He then took his plough, slaughtered Kartavirya and then proceeded to Brahmin hating Kshatriya kings twenty one times.

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End of Part 2

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