Tuesday, October 26, 2021

2021 Aadi Krthikai Paada Yaatra


Aadi Krthikai celebrations for Lord Muruga were scheduled for Monday the 2nd of August, 2021 at the local Satyanarayana Swamy Temple in Middletown, Connecticut, USA. This year, Srimathy (Adiyen’s better half) was scheduled to go to Florida the week previous to that. So we were worried.

Additionally, the weather this year was pretty bad with heavy rains almost every single day. But we did not want to stop the penance by walking this year; after all we had done it in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Upon reflection, I suggested that we perform the walking one week before the actual date of Aug 2 and offer the mantra: “Kaalaatheetha Praayaschiththartha Argya Pradaanam Karishye”, and deposit water. ( Incidentally, this is the mantra used when performing the daily Sandhyaavandanam ritual, if the ritual is performed before or after the scheduled time per Shaastraas.

This was a relief; additionally a week prior, for three days the rains were not in the forecast! So we both got set and started the amazing walk July 22, 23 and 24 covering the distance of about 40 miles in three days. Needless to say, took time off from work. This felt to be more important.


We had no one available to give us breaks along the way: we are walking through virtually barren lands and need to sit for a few minutes here and there; food too becomes an issue. But we determined that somehow the Gods and Goddesses will take care.


Amazingly, just the previous night on July 21, Ms. Abitha who was out of state somewhere in Baltimore, and not expected to return for a couple more days, had to prepone her return and offered to help us in our journey !! We were moved !!

Here are some photos and clips:

The video at the top of this post is a clip about 4.5 miles from our home: Srimathy is in the front and I am following, chanting Sri Subrahmanya Swamy’s name.


The photo below shows the start of the journey: Day 1 at the deck of our home.



Photo below is the first break 4 miles from our home: eating something sitting on a tree log.


Below is Srimathy taking a short break about 6 miles from our home at a dilapidated building.


Below is the final stop for Day 1: approximately 12 miles from our home.


Here is a photo of Ms. Abitha that stopped by our workplace with food at the end of Day 1.


Following photo: Day 2 in East Hartford, about 18 miles from our home.


Ms. Abitha is waiting below to give us a ride back home at the end of Day 2: Approximately 23 miles from our home.


Day 3: Ms. Devi Arunachalam joined us in the Paada Yaatra from her home in Glastonbury. Here Ms. Suchitra on the left, provided us some food to eat along the way; Srimathy is in the middle and Ms. Devi on the right in the photo below.


Day 3: Mr. Senthilnathan giving us a short break allowing us to sit in his car: about 32 miles from our home.


Video below: Day 3: Last few steps before the destination !


Day 4: Srimathy (Right) changed clothes and Ms. Mala Senthilnathan (Left) waiting at the temple to take us back home in her car ! Back to the rat race !


Vel Vel Muruga !! Vetri Vel Muruga !!


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    1. Thank you Ramana Sir !! Can't wait for Aug 2021 !!

  2. Dear Sir/Ma'am, Heartily wishes for successfully completed the journey "2021 Aadi Krthikai Paada Yaatra"... Thanks.