Friday, December 21, 2018

Gayatri Kavacham Audio

In conjunction with the previous post, in the Srimad Devi Bhagawatham Puranam, twelfth Skanda (part), third chapter, the Gayatri Kavacham is covered. All Kavachams, as one might know, are like a protective armour, whose mantras protect various parts of an aspirant’s body as well as offer protection from various external calamities, in addition to directional coverage. Kavachams of various Deities take on different characteristics. For example, in the Skanda Shashti Kavacham, Lord Muruga in various Names and His Spear are aspired to offer various protective aspects; in Durga Saptashati, the various Devis are invoked to offer the protective shields; in Kalika Kavacham, various potent Bija Aksharas (seed syllables) are the protective forces.
Here, the various sections of the sacred Gayatri Mantra Itself offer the protective shield. For example, “Tat” offers protection for the head, “Sa” of the forehead, “Vi” the eyes, “Tu” the cheeks, “Va” the nostrils, “Re” the mouth and so on. Additionally, the various Devis offer directional protection such as Savitri Devi the right, Sandhya Devi the back, Saraswati Devi the left, Jalashaayini Devi the southeast, Rudraroopinee Rudraani Devi the northeast, etc.

The Kavacham is delivered by Sriman Narayana to Sri Narada Maharishi. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are the Rishis, Rk, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas are the Chandas and Paramaa Kalaa Gayatri is the Devata.
This is a short hymn about 4.26 MB.

And now the audio: 4 minutes 39 seconds long.

The lyrics scanned and copied from the original Srimad Devi Bhagawatham Puranam ( with English translation by Swami Vijnanananda )can be found at the following link for easy reference.

Om Sri Gayatri Devi Namo Namaha !!



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