Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dakshinamoorthy Dhyana Stotram Audio - SSSBV

The Dakshinamoorthy Dhyana Stotram dealt with here was composed by Sri SadaShiva Brahmendra Swamigal of Nerur, Tamil Nadu, India, taken from the book “Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra’s works – Part III Book 1 – Keertanas and Minor Works – Main Text in Sanskrit” compiled by Sri T.P. Vinayaka Rao. This book is published by Sri Sadashiva Brahmendral Seva Trust, Nerur 639004, Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India. One may recall Shiva Maanasika Pooja Stotram audio in this blog was also composed by the same Great Saint.

Sri Dakshinamoorthy form of Shiva bestows Divine knowledge on the sincere devotees. Wikipedia article on Sri Dakshinamoorthy is a beginning introduction to those new to His Form and can be read at
This is a beautiful simple hymn elegant in style comprising 45 verses.

This is a short hymn. 7 MB
And now the audio: 7 minutes 40 seconds long.

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The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Om Sri Dakshinamoorthaye Namaha !


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