Monday, January 10, 2022

Navarathri 2021 Celebrations


Navarathri in 2021 started on Oct 6. Due to heavy workload, getting to write about the celebrations only now !! Nevertheless, didn’t want to miss logging down the experience.


This year, due to the continued pandemic, we decided to reduce the number of invitees drastically. 

The Golu itself was 5 steps instead of the usual 11. Srimathy, Ajay and Sapna set up the arrangement. Photo of the Golu is at the top of this post.


Having crossed the age of 60, didn’t know if performing a Maha Chandi Homam everyday would be possible from a stamina standpoint. 

Very nervously decided to embark on the mission, hoping the Divinities would help; and they did !


Just like in previous years, boxes of wood were cut and ready, bags of coconut were purchased – pre-cut in halves and put into smaller bags, plenty of bottles of ghee were purchased; plenty of  betel leaves, mango leaves and fruits were in stock. Srimathy made fresh food for the Divinities every day after shower.

As before, health co-operated – no cold, flu or cough or digestion problems. Weather this year was predicted to be generally good and it was.

Here are some photos.

The first one below is the Homam Tent Setup.


The photo below is Sapna attending the Homam with her offerings.

The photo below is Mr. Bala Thiru and Ms. Abitha attending with their offerings.

The photo below is Srimathy next to the Golu.

The photo below is our family ( from L to R ): Sapna, Srimathy, Ajay and myself in the Golu area. 

The photo below is Mr.Senthilnathan and Ms. Jeya Vijaysekar with their prayers.

The photo below is Ms. Hema Malini Senthilnathan attending with her offerings.

And here is a short 31 second clip from Day 1. Mantra in the clip is from Chapter 1 of Durga Saptashathi.

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Mahalakshmi Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Maha Saraswati Devi Namo Namah ! Om Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Krishna Kumaraaya Namo Namaha ! Om Namaschandikaayai !



  1. Nice post. I can now put faces to names that I have been reading about.

    1. Thank you Ramana Sir ! You are always in my thoughts !

  2. can i know the place where dhoomavathi devi homam will do please i am facing problems... 8790760379

    1. Think of Her and She is with you !
      Any temple for Goddess, She is there !
      Deep unconditional love and She will give Her blessings !!