Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shiva Maanasika Pooja Stotram - SSSBV Audio

The heart has been falling in love with Sri SadaShiva Brahmendra Swamigal of Nerur, Tamil Nadu, India, ever since reading various stories about the Great Mahaan. By Divine Grace, had the opportunity to visit His Adhistaanam in Nerur during the latest trip to India in July 2017. At the end of the darshan, they were selling some books and purchased one that had some stotrams composed by the Saint. Here is one of the hymns composed by Him called Shiva Maanasika Pooja Stotram.
The Shiva Maanasika Pooja Stotram can be recited or listened to by any devotee of Shiva and essentially by reciting or even listening with devotion, it is the equivalent of performing a Shiva Pooja mentally. This is also called “Atma Pooja”. It can be done anywhere, even when one is not at a temple or at the Pooja Area in the house. Simply focus on Lord Shiva mentally and imagine performing a Shiva Pooja, offering water for washing feet, water for sipping, water for a bath, offering of Madhuparka for eating, offering flowers, offering a lighted lamp, offering incense, offering a sacred thread (yagnopaveetham), offering damaru (hand drum), offering aabharanam (decorative jewellery), songs and hymns.

The whole hymn is less than 6 minutes long and so now, none of us have any excuse for not performing Shiva Manasika Pooja !! ( How many times we blame not having time to do Divine Service !! )
This stotram is in Maatra Chanda; the same as the Garuda Sahasranamam elsewhere in this blog. This is a difficult metre to recite; at the same time it is very beautiful when recited; at the same time this is a sophisticated metre. The key in the rendering is to club the tail end of each line; because it may not be obvious as to where to club, a copy of the original shlokam with the clubbed areas underlined has been scanned and a link to the same given for everyone to use; this is in the Sanskrit version only. One can use this audio and/or the marked up lyrics to do the same in other languages.

This is a short hymn. 5 MB
And now the audio: 5 minutes 41 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

The Marked Up Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Om Nama Shivaaya !



  1. Vishnu Shathanamam Stotram Narada Pancharathra Anthar Gatham

    Yamuna Shathanamam Stotram Garga Sahimtha

  2. Many thanks for posting about this sacred stotram and also providing the audio and text with markers for chanting. Very nice of you, and I am grateful to you for your efforts.

    1. Isn't it beautiful ! We need to thank the Great Saint for giving us such gems. Just heard it again after a long time. And felt the same happiness now !

      Thank you for your Divine Visit !

  3. Thanks a ton🙏
    Kindly post the mahan's life history too🙏