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Vishnu Puranam Full Audio 3 of 6

This is part 3 of 6 of the titled post. The introduction to this entire set is at Vishnu Puranam Full Audio 1 of 6 which needs to be read in order to use this part; all the instructions are to be found there. Downloading instructions are there also.

And Now the Continuation of the Audio of Sri Vishnu Puranam:

Book 3 Ch 1: 46 Verses: 6 minutes 54 seconds: Size: 6 MB

Brief: Description of the first seven Manvantaras, and their Manus, namely, Svaayambhuva, Svaarochisha, Auttamee, Taamasaa, Raivataa, Chakshushaa and Vaivasvataa along with their Saptarishis, Gods and principal Kings.

 Book 3 Ch 2: 60 Verses: 8 minutes 16 seconds: Size: 8 MB

Brief: Description of the future seven Manvantaras and their Manus, namely, Saavarnee, Daksha-Saavarnee, Brahma-Saavarnee, Dharma-Saavarnee, Rudra-Saavarnee, Rauchyaa and finally Bhautyaa. ( It may be noted that the next Manu Saavarnee is the same as Raja Surathaa from the Svaarochishaa Manvantara as described in Markandeya Puranam referred to in the Durga Saptashati. ) At the end of the fourteen Manvantaras, which form a Kalpa, a night of similar duration follows when Narayana sleeps; once He awakes, creation starts again; hence after the Universe gets destroyed it later gets re-created.

Book 3 Ch 3: 30 Verses: 4 minutes 30 seconds: Size: 4 MB

Brief: Brief description of Vyaasa of various Yugas in the Manvantaras; the latest one being Sri Krishna Dvaipaayana Veda Vyaasa There are 28 Vyaasas in all so far in the Vaivasvata Manvantara.

Book 3 Ch 4: 26 Verses: 4 minutes 20 seconds: Size: 4 MB

Brief: The Glory of Sri Krishna Dvaipaayana Veda Vyaasa and the branching of Vedas into four parts.

Book 3 Ch 5: 29 Verses: 4 minutes 29 seconds: Size: 4 MB

Brief: Story of how Yagnavalkya, who was disciple of Vaishampayana, lost the memory of Yajur Veda taught by his Guru and subsequently re-gained them by propitiating the Sun.

Book 3 Ch 6: 33 Verses: 4 minutes 57 seconds: Size: 5 MB

Brief: Description of the branches and sub-divisions of the Vedas and associated Rishis. Brief listing of the various Puranas.

Book 3 Ch 7: 39 Verses: 8 minutes 0 seconds: Size: 7 MB

Brief: This is a very musical chapter entitled Yama Geeta. Yama tells His messenger to keep clear of devotees of Sri Maha Vishnu. Upon being asked by the messenger about the characteristics of how to spot such a devotee, Yama answers step by step.

Book 3 Ch 8: 41 Verses: 6 minutes 27 seconds: Size: 6 MB

Brief: Method of propitiating Sri Maha Vishnu as answered by Rishi Aurva who was a descendant of Bhrugu Maharishi to King Sagara.

Book 3 Ch 9: 33 Verses: 4 minutes 53 seconds: Size: 4 MB

Brief: Brief description of the duties of the 4 institutions in a person’s life, namely the student, householder, hermit of the forest and mendicant. This is a very soothing chapter.

Book 3 Ch 10: 27 Verses: 4 minutes 16 seconds: Size: 4 MB

Brief: Rites to be performed on birth of a child. Choice of bride for wedding. Different types of weddings.

Book 3 Ch 11: 124 Verses: 18 minutes 31 seconds: Size: 17 MB

Brief: Detailed description of the duties of a householder from the time of waking up; included are deva, Rishi, Pitru tarpanams, Homams, Shraadhdhams, treatment of guests, Sandhyaavandanams, etc. Verses 49 to 53 to be recited when offering food to animals, birds, etc. Verses 72 to 94 detail proper procedures and mental attitude while eating food.

Book 3 Ch 12: 45 Verses: 7 minutes 1 second: Size: 6 MB

Brief: Description of things that householder should NOT do.

Book 3 Ch 13: 39 Verses: 7 minutes 49 seconds: Size: 7 MB

Brief: Shraadhdha ceremonies to be performed for manes and ancestors as well as rites to be performed upon the death of a person.

Book 3 Ch 14: 31 Verses: 6 minutes 24 seconds: Size: 6 MB

Brief: Treatise on Shraadhdha ceremonies continued.

Book 3 Ch 15: 55 Verses: 9 minutes 13 seconds: Size: 8 MB

Brief: Qualifications of Brahmanas invited for Shraadhdha ceremonies; who can be invited and who cannot be invited. Treatment of such Brahmanas and prayers to be offered.

Book 3 Ch 16: 20 Verses: 3 minutes 27 seconds: Size: 3 MB

Brief: Kinds of food that can be offered in Shraadhdha ceremonies; kinds of food to be avoided.

Book 3 Ch 17: 45 Verses: 7 minutes 9 seconds: Size: 7 MB

Brief: Maitreya asks Parashara as to who are the ones not allowed to witness Shraadhdha ceremonies. Parashara states that the Vedas form a covering for people and one who speaks ill of them is not allowed to witness such ceremonies. He proceeds to state that long ago the Devas were being harmed by the Asuras; at this point the Devas go to Sri Maha Vishnu and offer their hymns of praise ( this set from verses 11 to 34 are simply superb! ). Sri Maha Vishnu then tells the Devas that He will take on an illusory form That will beguile the Asuras to move away from the path of the Vedas and that will bring on their downfall.

Book 3 Ch 18: 104 Verses: 14 minutes 36 seconds: Size: 13 MB

Brief: The Illusory form of Sri Maha Vishnu descends and ( in order to lead the Asuras astray from the path of the Vedas ), advises the Asuras to stop following the Vedas, Yagnas (sacrifices) and to stop killing animals for sacrifices stating that if an animal that is slaughtered for a Yagna can ascend to heaven, should a man not kill his own father. By “clever means of persuasion”, the Asuras were led astray from the path of the Vedas; at this point, the Devas attacked them and emerged victorious. The story of Satadhanu and his wife Saivyaa is briefly stated; the former had communicated with disbelievers and ended up with many lower lives before re-joining with his wife and becoming the King of Videha.

Please proceed to Part 4.

Om Sri Vishnave Namaha !

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