Saturday, June 10, 2017

Amnaya Stotram Audio

At the request of Shree Arunkumar M, a visitor to this blog, here is the audio for Amnaya Stotram. ( Pronounced AamNaaya ). Adiyen, the servant here, is NOT knowledgeable on this particular stotram. All that can be said ( being bereft of Divine Knowledge ) is that while reciting and listening, it just fills one with a level of unexplainable bliss. Just listening to the names of the Devis has this inexplicable positive effect. There is some information available in the public domain, but a knowledgeable person may be able to shed more light into this amazing stotram.

Thanks to Shree Arunkumar for exposing this treatise. If anyone would like to add to the general knowledge of this stotram, please do so in the comments for the common good of all.

This is a short hymn. 8 MB
And now the audio: 8 minutes 46 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Om Shree Tripura Sundari Devi Namo Namaha !



  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful recitation! Never having heard (about) it before, It would be great to know more about this stotram.

    1. Namaste Shree Narendran: Isn't SHE Great !!! Adiyen does not know much about this stotram. It does state in the shlokam towards the end that This Stavam (praise) provides completion to Lalita Sahasranamam. May be Sri Vidya Upasakas can shed some light here. Either ways, if you experienced bliss then you are blessed indeed !!!

    2. Thank you sir considering my request and made the audio is so pleasurable just seen ... Thanks a lot for ur help om Shiva Shiva om om Sri mathre namah...

      Arunkumar.M (9789117076)/ kamalanandha na that

    3. @sri Mohan sir, its a important stotram which tell the chakras in our body from visukthi to sahasrakamalam which goddess staying and holding posses in our chakras