Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shodashi Shathanama Stotram Audio


Devi Shodashi is the third Dasha Mahavidya and also goes by the name of Tripura Sundari, Lalita Devi and Raja Rajeshwari. An informative Wikipedia article can be found at :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripura_Sundari .
She is the main deity of worship for Sri Vidya Upasakas. I have NOT been initiated into Sri Vidya Pancha Dasi or the Shodasi mantras by any guru; no one would initiate me. However, I still worship Tripura Sundari Devi, since She gives me happiness. And I worship Her to thank for all of the great things She has done for all people everywhere. Those people that have received Pancha Dasi or Shodasi mantra deeksha are indeed blessed souls and must have done a lot of penance and meritorious deeds either in this life or in previous lives.

The Shodashi Shatanama Stotram is a hundred name hymn in praise of Goddess Shodashi and is really beautiful. I must give credit to Kishore, my brother-in-law for providing me this stotram. It gives me joy to listen to it and hopefully you will enjoy it too!
And now the audio: 4 minutes and 5 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

I have made a pdf copy of the shloka in Sanskrit and it can be found below:

Om Shree Shodashi Devi Namo Namaha !



  1. Please if you have a copy of the audio upload it again in a clearer format. audio is garbled.

  2. Namaste Anonymous: Unfortunately this is recorded in a factory environment. Sorry for the echo in the audio.