Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shodashi Sahasranamam Audio

Devi Shodashi is the third Dasha Mahavidya and also goes by the name of Tripura Sundari, Lalita Devi and Raja Rajeshwari. Informative Wikipedia article can be found at : .
In a previous post, we had addressed the Shathanama stotram for Shodashi Devi which comprised of a hundred name hymn. Here in the Tripura Sundari Sahasranamam, we will be dealing with a thousand name hymn. A closely related thousand name hymn is the widely known Lalita Sahasranamam. It may of interest to note that the Lalita Sahasranamam is from Brahmanda Puranam, whereas the Shodashi Sahasranamam that is addressed here is from the Vamakeshwara Tantra, as denoted in the last closing line. Here, there is a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Lord Karthikeya. In fact, in the opening section, Lord Shiva is first praised and He in turn advises Lord Karthikeya about the Shodashi Sahasranamam.

The Shodashi Sahasranamam is a thousand name hymn and the flow of words is simply superb; it can be used in Sahasranama Homams with the addition of “Svaha” at the end of every line which is numbered.  This is a beautiful offering of praise to Goddess Tripura Sundari. I must give credit to Kishore, my brother-in-law for providing me this stotram. It gives me joy to listen to it and hopefully you will enjoy it too!
And now the audio: 30 minutes and 29 seconds long.

( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

NOTE: BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE ABOUT 30 MEGABYTES, YOU MAY HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is a big file and praise to Sri Shodashi Devi -- Her Grace is magnificent !

I have made a pdf copy of the shloka in Sanskrit and it can be found below:

Om Shree Shodashi Devi Namo Namaha !



  1. Sir can you post the lyrics in tamil .

  2. Hello Thirumathi Meena: Thank you for visiting. Unfortunately, I do not have lyrics in Tamil. If you know someone that knows both, then they can maybe help.