Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bhramaramba Ashtakam Audio

There is a wonderful temple for Bhramaramba Devi at Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh, India. My wife along with her father and brother was blessed to be able to visit this temple in January 2015. This is one of the Shakthi Peetas.

In Sanskrit, Bhramar means bees. Bhramaramba means Mother of bees. They say that a demon ( some say it was Arunaasura – some say it was Bhandaasura ) – had performed austerities and had pleased Lord Brahma who gave him the boon that he could not be killed by creatures with two or four feet. He then tortured the Devas, who went and prayed to Adi ParaShakthi. She told them that he is Her devotee and cannot be killed unless he stops worshipping Her.

Brihaspathi ( Jupiter ) who is the Guru of the Devas met the demon and upon being asked the reason for the visit, Brihaspathi told him that it was because both the Devas and the demon worship the same deity, namely Devi Gayatri and so it was just so He could meet a devotee of the same kind. Suddenly the demon felt that he should not worship Her Who is worshipped by the Devas and stopped worshipping Her. Adi ParaShakthi became angry at him, took the form of Bhramarambika, created numerous bees which are six-legged and killed the demon and his army in no time at all and thus protected the Devas.

Adi Shankara has composed an excellent ashtakam for Bhramaramba; it says the Devi loves music and loves people that sing to Her. I present now my vocal rendering of the above ahstakam which is only 4 minutes 15 seconds:

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You can find the Sanskrit lyrics, Tamil lyrics and Tamil translation of the above shloka at:


  1. Respected Sir,
    I have only listened to the ashtakam on bhramarAmbikA by shrI dUrvAsA deshikEndra Swami.

    Many thanks for sharing this stOtram.


  2. Thank you Sendhil Iyya for introducing another ashtakam for the Great Bhramarambika! Just saw it -- It is indeed beautiful also !