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Complete Kalika Puranam Audio 4 of 5

This is part 4 of 5 of the titled post. The introduction to this entire set is at http://ctraghavan.blogspot.com/2017/05/complete-kalika-puranam-audio-1-of-5.html , which needs to be read in order to use this part; all the instructions are to be found there. Downloading instructions are there also.

And Now the Continuation of the Audio of Sri Kalika Puranam:

Ch 55: 104 Verses: 17 minutes 29 seconds: Size:  16 MB

Brief: Shiva explains in detail the offering of bali (sacrifice) to the Goddess in great detail. The type of offering is first detailed; the mantras to be offered to the bali is then detailed; the mantras for the sword, the worship of the mala (rosary), the types and qualities of malas are detailed. Situations when japa and ritualistic worship cannot be performed are detailed.

Ch 56: 82 Verses: 15 minutes 29 seconds: Size: 14 MB

Brief: Shiva provides the VaishnaviTantra Mahamaya Kavacham to Vetala and Bhairava ( Verses 1 to 52), whose Phalasruthi ( benefits ) is from verses (53 to 69/1st line). Additional mantras are subsequently given.

Ch 57: 193 Verses: 36 minutes 43 seconds: Size: 34 MB

Brief: Shiva explains the Angamantras and the many many mantras to be used for the purification of the articles and offerings used in worship. The description of the Yogapita is given in detail. And finally the Visarjanam (dismissal) of the Goddess is explained.

Merits: The last two verses state that this is the most secret set of instructions; he who causes this to be heard by brahmanas during shraadhaas, or yagnas or other worshipping ceremonies will enjoy the fruits of the performance even without doing the performance.

 Ch 58: 72 Verses: 13 minutes 58 seconds: Size: 13 MB

Brief: Focussed worship of Chandika is detailed. Beauty of Kamakhya is explained.

Ch 59: 95 Verses: 17 minutes 14 seconds: Size: 16 MB

Brief: Brief description of the killing of Mahisha after which description of Chandika ensues. Methods and benefits of worshipping various forms of Chandika during specific days of specific months is outlined. The Pavitraropana ( sacred thread ceremony ) procedure for Mahamaya is explained in detail.

Ch 60: 163 Verses: 32 minutes 7 seconds: Size: 29 MB

Brief: The very detailed worship of Durga as the slayer of Mahishasura is explained in the autumn season. Story of how Mahisha was killed by the form of Ugrachanda first and later in the form of Bhadrakali is told. Boon given to Mahisha.

Ch 61: 117 Verses: 20 minutes 44 seconds: Size: 19 MB

Brief: Lord Shiva explains how the destruction of Daksha’s sacrifice was effected by Ugrachanda and Himself, after Sati gave up Her life, since She and Shiva were not invited. The importance of worship of Mahamaya during the autumnal festival is outlined; the Visarjana (dismissal) is also explained. The mantras for Bhadrakali and Ugrachanda along with their Yoginis are described. The story of Shumba and Nishumba is laid out and the Goddess Ugratara, Goddess Kaushiki, Goddess Tara and Goddess Shivadhuti are introduced in great detail with respective mantras along with Their Yoginis. This is a detailed chapter full of mantras.

Ch 62: 145 Verses: 28 minutes 27 seconds: Size: 26 MB

Brief: The story of the destruction of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha in depth. Some of the mountains and Kundas in Kamaroopa which are the abodes of the Gods. The meditative form for Kamakhya Devi is described.

Ch 63: 201 Verses: 36 minutes 18 seconds: Size: 33 MB

Brief: The ritualistic procedure to worship Tripura Devi is detailed along with the invocation, offerings, gayatri mantra, names of all the sixty four yoginis, drawing of the Tripura mandala etc. The meditative form for Tripura Devi along with step by step method of worship along with the names of the Nayakas and Nayikas is given. This is a detailed chapter and simply hearing the method of worship is nothing short of bliss !

Ch 64: 85 Verses: 15 minutes 13 seconds: Size: 14 MB

Brief: Ritualistic worshipping procedure for Tripura is continued to be explained. ( The cold and flu affliction is evident, but MahaMaya gave strength to continue ).

Ch 65: 66 Verses: 12 minutes 28 seconds: Size: 11 MB

Brief: Method of worship of Sri Sharada Devi is detailed.

Ch 66: 121 Verses: 18 minutes 12 seconds: Size: 17 MB

Brief: The first 23 verses describe different namaskarams and pradakshinams. The remaining approximately hundred verses deal with the different mudras (signs) and details on how to develop them.

Ch 67: 200 Verses: 32 minutes 18 seconds: Size: 30 MB

Brief: Detailed procedure for the offering of bali (sacrifice), the various bali and their effect on the satisfaction of the Goddess, the instruments that can be used to behead animals, the mantras to be used, the vessels in which blood can be collected and offered, etc. Verses 48-52 state the bali that brahmanas can and cannot offer. Verse 23 earlier states the pumpkin items are as equal as sacrifice of he-goats to the Goddess. The mantras to be offered to the sacrifice animal are detailed; special instructions on the offer of human sacrifice are detailed along with the mantras. The qualities of the sacrifice are detailed in verses 90 – 104. The position of the offering of bali is denoted in verses 110. The omens both good and bad that are predicted by the behavior of the sacrificed animal or human is detailed in verses 123-139. Restrictions on the blood drawn from one’s own body in sacrifice is listed in verses 155-164. Merits for one who holds the sacrifice are in verses 166-174. Instructions for artificial sacrifice made by way of an image 179-193.

Ch 68: 70 Verses: 13 minutes 2 seconds: Size: 12 MB

Brief: Detailed description of seats for the Goddess are described; followed by detailed description of water and the vessel containing it for padaya, arghya and aachamaneeya .

Ch 69: 163 Verses: 28 minutes 28 seconds: Size: 26 MB

Brief: Detailed description of cloths offered as well as the choice of colors; followed by detailed description of ornaments to be offered. Further, detailed description of perfumes offered to Mahamaya followed by detailed description of flowers to be offered are listed. Offering of food is briefly dealt with. Detailed description of lamps used is given, followed by the detailed description of incense offered.

Ch 70: 55 Verses: 10 minutes 51 seconds: Size: 10 MB

Brief: Detailed description of Neivedya (foods offered to Mahamaya) is provided here, listing what can be offered.

Ch 71: 25 Verses: 5 minutes 11 seconds: Size: 5 MB

Brief: Importance of Namaskara or worshipping by circumambulation, etc is given.

Ch 72: 89 Verses: 17 minutes 30 seconds: Size: 16 MB

Brief: Story of how once when Vishnu was crossing the sky and did not stop to pay respects to Kamakhya was drowned into the sea; when Brahma tried to rescue Vishnu, He too got drowned; the Gods then approach Brhaspati who approached MahaDeva, who gives the Kamakhya Kavacham in the presence of Brhaspati ( verses 45/line 2 to verse 69 -- this occurs at 8:40 to 13:35 in the audio ). Having recited the Kavacham, Brahma and Vishnu are able to be pulled out of the sea and when they approach Sri Kamakhya Devi, She tells Them to take a bath in the water that has flown over Her Body and they would become free of any blemishes.

Please proceed to Part 5.

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha !

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