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Complete Kalika Puranam Audio 3 of 5

This is part 3 of 5 of the titled post. The introduction to this entire set is at http://ctraghavan.blogspot.com/2017/05/complete-kalika-puranam-audio-1-of-5.html , which needs to be read in order to use this part; all the instructions are to be found there. Downloading instructions are there also.

And Now the Continuation of the Audio of Sri Kalika Puranam:

Ch 37: 60 Verses: 11 minutes 9 seconds: Size: 10 MB

Brief: This is the story of the birth of Naraka. King Janaka hears from Narada that by the performance of a sacrifice, the childless King Dasratha begot 4 virtuous sons. So Janaka also decided to perform a yagna conducted by Gautama Maharishi. Then two sons were born and there arose a beautiful girl at the place of the yagna. No sooner did he find the girl that Prthvi spoke saying that this girl is being given to Janaka; because of whom demons Ravana and Kumbhakarna will get killed; but that when they get killed, I (Prthvi) will give birth to a son at the yagna location, who will have to be brought up by you ( Janaka ) until he becomes an adult. Janaka agrees. Eventually Ravana gets killed; Prthvi delivers a son; Vishnu states to Prthvi that as long as the son maintains his human nature he will be wise; but the moment he gives up his good nature, he will get killed. The King Janaka finds the boy and brings him to his queen who is happy to raise him; thus Naraka was born.

Ch 38: 167 Verses: 26 minutes 11 seconds: Size: 24 MB

Brief: The growing up of Naraka. Prthvi disguised as a nurse and entered the palace of Janaka to see Her son Naraka being brought up daily. Naraka was actually better than Janaka’s own sons and this made him act partially against Naraka. When his queen questions him about his partial behavior, Janaka says he has vowed to keep silence until the boy reaches 16, after which he will reveal the details. Prthvi hears this conversation between the two and asks the King to allow Her to take Naraka away with Her since he had reached 16. The King agrees and after a lot of argument, Naraka is taken by Prthvi to see his real father, Who is Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu makes Naraka the King of Pragjyotisha, giving him the region between Karatoya river and the eastern portion of Ganga where Goddess LalitaKaantha lives. Naraka ruled very well with the observance of Vedas and yagnas by the rishis in his kingdom and was married to the daughter of the King of Vidarba. Vishnu tells Naraka that he should not be hostile to sages, brahmanas and kings; acting otherwise he will die. Thus Naraka actually led a good life with virtue.

Ch 39: 102 Verses: 17 minutes 25 seconds: Size: 16 MB

Brief: Naraka develops friendship with Bana, the son of Bali, who exhibited a demonical character. Naraka prevents Vasishta from entering Pragjyotisha to worship Neelakoota Devi. Vasishta then curses Naraka saying he will get killed by the One who gave him birth. Once Vasishta left, the city looses its splendor; the Gods left; there were no more Vedas chanted. Dejected, Naraka goes to seek Bana’s counsel. Bana advises him to propitiate Brahma or Shiva. Naraka propitiates Brahma for one hundred years consuming only water. Brahma gets pleased and asks Naraka to request any boons. Naraka asks that he should not be murdered by Gods, Raakshasas or other Divine beings; that his progeny should continue forever and that all the sixteen thousand Divine damsels should become his wives; that prosperity should always be on his side and he should be undefeated by enemies. Naraka while asking for boons, being overcome by Maya, forgets about relief from the curse of Vasishta. Brahma grants the boons with the condition that only after Narada visits his city can he have amorous relationships with the damsels. Naraka’s kingdom starts flourishing again; Bana visits Naraka, and points out that he forgot to get from Brahma relief from the curse of Vasishta and that could spell disaster for him and so to immediately appoint asuras as ministers and immediately produce sons since he had none.

Ch 40: 143 Verses: 21 minutes 27 seconds: Size: 20 MB

Brief: Naraka takes Bana’s advice and immediately produces four sons, Bhagadatta, Mahasheersha, Madavan and Sumaalin. He then appointed the asuras Muru, Hayagreeva, Sunda, Nisunda and Virupaksha as his generals and started oppressing the Gods and Prthvi. Prthvi prays to Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara to lighten Her burden. The Gods made the sixteen thousand Divine damsels to be born on earth and Vishnu incarnated in the womb of Devaki as Krshna. Naraka abducts all the damsels who ask Naraka to refrain from relationships until Narada visits the city which Naraka agrees to. Meanwhile Indra prays to Vishnu to alleviate the oppression of Naraka. Narada visits Naraka and tells him that he is bound to face great danger on the ninth day and that if he survives that, he will be fine otherwise he will be dead. Krshna kills Naraka; Prthvi, Naraka’s mother, prays to Krshna to protect Naraka’s progeny. Krshna agrees and anoints Naraka’s son Bhagadatta to the throne of Pragjyotisha and releases all the sixteen thousand Divine damsels who had been held captive. Verses 139 to 141 state that “thus Kali, also called Kalika, the embodiment of the world enchants Vishnu to favor friends and destroy enemies; the fools find enjoyment in women and feel pleasure when enjoined”.

Ch 41: 86 Verses: 14 minutes 46 seconds: Size: 14 MB

NOTE: If possible keep Chapters 41 to 44 together. This is not imperative; but suggested.

Brief: The Rishis ask Sage Markandeya about Kali’s story as to how She was born as the daughter of Himalaya and ended up with Shiva as Her consort. Sage Markandeya answers them stating after Sati gave up Her body, She decided to be born to Menaka, the wife of Himavan. Just then, Menaka propitiated Mahamaya for 27 years with a view to having children. The stuthi of Menaka is superb from verses 15 to 28. Kali then appears to Menaka and grants the boon that Menaka would have a hundred sons, the first one being very powerful and for the welfare of Gods, men and raakshasaas, She (Kali) Herself would be born as a daughter. Kali’s beauty is described. Narada visits Menaka, Himavan and Kali and states to Menaka that this daughter, Kali, will end up becoming Shiva’s wife.

 Ch 42: 191 Verses: 28 minutes 5 seconds: Size: 26 MB

NOTE: If possible keep Chapters 41 to 44 together. This is not imperative; but suggested.

Brief: Story of the burning of Kama by Shiva. Shiva goes to Himavan, praises Him and says He has come to do penance there and to make sure no one bothers Him; Himavan welcomes Shiva. Himavan then introduces Kali to Shiva and asks for permission to have Her serve Him to which Shiva agrees. Kali serves Shiva with utmost reverence. In the meantime, the demon Tarakaasura was oppressing the world and the Gods who therefore seek the help of Brahma. Brahma tells Them that the boon given to Taraka was that neither Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva would kill him; hence they ( the Gods ) should approach Shiva immediately and have Him marry Kali and the son produced would kill Tarakasura. Indra then approaches Kama and asks Him to entice Shiva into marrying Kali. Kama agrees but is scared to approach Shiva who in meditation was blazing like a thousand suns. When Kama finds a weak point in Shiva, he pierces his arrow of infatuation; Shiva feels enamored with Kali and the thought comes in His mind that Kali is born from a human body and is hence impure and has to perform penance to purify Herself before I can take Her; then how is it that I felt attracted in a lustful way – it must be that someone is trying to sway my mind. He looks and finds Kama and burns Him to ashes with the fiery flame from His eyes; Brahma takes the flame and to prevent everything from being burnt down, turns it into a mare and puts in the ocean and asks the ocean to take care of Shiva’s flame in the form of a mare and to return it to Him when He comes back asking for it. The incident of the burning of Kama was so intense that Kali and her friends decided to run back home to Himavan.

Ch 43: 117 Verses: 19 minutes 28 seconds: Size: 18 MB

NOTE: If possible keep Chapters 41 to 44 together. This is not imperative; but suggested.

Brief: Sage Narada goes to the house of Himavan and meeting Kali secretly says to Her that Shiva did not accept Her as She was because having born in a human body, She had to purify Herself by penance using the mantra “Om Nama Shivaaya”; and that once that is done, Shiva will accept Her as His Wife. Kali accepts the request and proceeds to get permission to perform penance from Menaka, Her Mother. Menaka becomes worried and tells Kali that penance is meant for Rishis and that Her tender body may not be able to withstand the rigors of austerity. Kali is insistent upon the penance to which Menaka and Himavan reluctantly agree finally. The heart melting austerity practice of Kali that went on for 3,000 years is described in detail. Kali was beginning to get dejected because She had not encountered MahaDeva yet. As She was lamenting to Herself, a Brahmana appeared in the hermitage and enquired about Herself and why She had been practicing austerity. Kali asked Her colleague Vijaya to answer to the Brahmana. The Brahmana says that He could bring MahaDeva there without doubt, but to listen to what He has to say. And then the Brahmana belittles and speaks low of Shiva, advising Kali that She should give up the idea of marrying Shiva and marry someone else of high class and quality. After hearing what the Brahmana said, Kali becomes angry and tells the Brahmana that He doesn’t know what He is saying and that She does not need any boons from Him, nor a Husband; Kali tells Her colleague that both he who condemns a great soul as well the one who hears the condemnation are both equally responsible in sharing the sin. She then continues to pray to Shiva. At that point, the Brahmana removes His disguise and says to Kali: “ I am Shiva, the One You have been worshipping.  Let me join with You.” Kali becomes wonderstruck.

Ch 44: 61 Verses: 10 minutes 33 seconds: Size:10 MB

NOTE: If possible keep Chapters 41 to 44 together. This is not imperative; but suggested.

Brief: This is a very auspicious chapter. Kali, Who became bashful, told Shiva that the custom was that He needs to get the approval of Her father Himavan and ask for Her in marriage; only then can the marriage proceed. Shiva summons the seven sages, who after their shlokams of praise, ask why they were invited. Shiva tells them to go to Himavan for His sake and ask the Lord of the Mountains to give His daughter in marriage to Him (Shiva). The sages do so; Himavan accepts; the wedding of Kali and Shiva takes place. Verse 54, one of the most beautiful verses of this Purana occurs in this chapter and is reproduced here:

“Evam Kali Mahamaya Yoganidra Jagatprasu

Poorvam Daakshaayani Boothvaa Paschaath Girisutha Bhavath”.

Merits: A. Whoever meditates on Shiva in union with Kali in his heart, everything will turn auspicious for him and all his wishes fulfilled. B. Whoever recites or appreciates this auspicious story becomes free of diseases and lives long. C. Whoever listens to this purest description is provided welfare and reaches Shiva Lokaa. D. Whoever causes brahmanas to listen to this story during ancestral offerings, causes his ancestors to attain salvation. E. Whoever causes the recitation in the assembly of brahmanas, Hara Himself comes with Maya to listen to this. F. This story removes sins.

Ch 45: 189 Verses: 29 minutes 52 seconds: Size: 27 MB

Brief: This is a merit giving story. The rishis ask regarding how Kali of black complexion turned into Gauri of white complexion. Markandeya states the same question was posed by King Sagara to Sage Aurva in the past and he is repeating it here. King Sagara who was wealthy and virtuous was once visited by the great sage Aurva, who advised the King to make his wife pure and auspicious first, just as Kali had taken half of Shambu’s body in the past and then do the same to your son. Sagara asks Aurva how did Girija acquire half of Shankara’s body and later to explain what is the code of good conduct. Aurva first describes the romantic sports of Shiva and Kali after They were wed. Then once Shiva beheld a host of good looking Apsaras, including the fair skinned beauty Urvasi. At that point, Shiva tells Kali (Girija) that She is black and that She should converse with Urvasi. Kali got angry at Shiva for calling her black in front of the Apsaras and stopped speaking to Him, maintaining a distance; later She says that until She turns fair complexioned, She would not indulge with Him. Saying so, She proceeds to perform penance for a hundred years. During this time, Shiva appeared to Her in various forms such as Brahma and Vishnu and started giving Her Divine knowledge. Girija then praises Shiva (verses 85 – 99) and asks that She become fair complexioned and in an instant She became Gauri. And Shiva said that She(Kali) had misunderstood Him and that He would not take anyone else as His Wife. Once when Gauri and Shiva are together, Gauri beholds Her own image in the chest of Shiva, which She construes as the image of some other beautiful lady. When She interrogates Shiva with this doubt, Shiva says that it is not any other person other than Gauri Herself and shows that when She is not in front of Him, the image disappears. Gauri then turns bashful and both Shiva and Gauri take half of each other’s body, Shiva becoming half male, half female; this is the form of Ardhanareeshwara.

Merits: This is a merit giving story. He who listens to this story of Shiva and Parvati gets blessed, does not face obstacles, lives a long life and reaches Shivaloka.

Ch 46: 93 Verses: 16 minutes 35 seconds: Size:15 MB

Brief: Story of the birth of Skanda. Impressed, King Sagara asks Sage Aurva as to Who is Bhairava, Bhrngin, Mahakala and is Mahabhairava the same as Bhairava or different. Aurva replies that Mahabhairava is the middle portion of Hara from His Sharaba body. Bhrngin and Mahakala are Shiva’s sons who get re-born due to a curse of Gauri as Vetala and Bhairava. Aurva first starts with the birth of Bhrngin and Mahakala. The Gods requested Shiva to beget a son to kill Tarakasura. When Hara and Uma were in divine embrace, the entire universe shakes and gets in a tumultuous state. The Gods feel that if a son be born out of this extended violent affair, he may end up being worse than Tarakasura and so the Gods decide to take steps that no son be born out of this and yet Tarakasura be killed by the Tejas (semen) of Hara. The Gods then pray to MahaDeva (verses 29-41). At that instance, MahaDeva stops the lovemaking and asks the Gods why they came there; to which They request Him to stop all activity since the Universe was getting violently agitated. MahaDeva says that if He stops, no son would be born out of Uma and Tarakasura would not be killed. Upon the Gods insisting that He stop, MahaDeva asks Them to get someone who can contain His Tejas (semen); the Gods respond by sending Sun, the Fire God; but as the Tejas ends up in the Sun, two small particles fall on the slope of the mountain, from whom emanate Bhrngin and Mahakala, who were brought up by Uma. King Sagara asks Sage Aurva as to what happened to the semen that ended up in the Sun God. Aurva says MahaDeva told the Gods that the only Woman that can handle His semen is Uma, the daughter of the Mountain. The heavenly Ganga is another Daughter of the Mountain and the Sun God will cause a son to be born to Her out of His semen who will kill Tarakasura. Saying this MahaDeva leaves. Uma in the meantime, gets angry with the Gods for having interrupted Her activity and since She would not conceive now because of the interruption, curses the Gods that they wont conceive any children. To this day, the Gods in the heavens do not bear children due to this curse. In the meantime, two children Skanda and Vishaka are born to Ganga from the golden semen from Sun, who join up and become one body, whom  Ganga throws into the woods. This child is picked up by Bahula who then hands over this baby to Uma and Shankara who bring Him up as Skanda.

Ch 47: 96 Verses: 15 minutes 39 seconds: Size: 14 MB

Brief: Story of the birth of Chandrashekara. Sage Aurva continues explaining to King Sagara that once when Shiva and Uma were in embrace, They had engaged their sons Bhrngin and Mahakala to guard the door. When Gauri came out of the house with hair disheveled, and saw Her two sons seeing Her in this state, She became angry and cursed Them that since They had crossed the limit of impropriety, They would have to take birth as human beings with an animal face for beholding Her improperly. The two sons pleaded with their Mother regarding their innocence and were guarding the door as They were asked to. Since Gauri would not budge, Bhrngin and Mahakala in turn cursed Their Mother saying, You and Hara in turn will have to take human births also. Later King Paushya, a virtuous King with three wives had no children and hence upon propitiating Brahma, Brahma gives him a fruit and asks him to propitiate MahaDeva and then do whatever MahaDeva asks to do with the fruit. Paushya does exactly that and MahaDeva being pleased appears and advises Paushya to cut the fruit into three parts and give to each of his wives, who will all conceive at the same time; the top portion of the baby will be conceived by one, the middle portion by the second and the bottom portion by the third; when put together, the baby with the crescent moon on the forehead will be born who will be called Chandrashekara. MahaDeva then purifies the three wives by sprinkling Ganga water and He Himself enters the fruit. Chandrashekara was subsequently born and grew up with all auspicious signs .

Ch 48: 80 Verses: 13 minutes 23 seconds: Size: 12 MB

Brief: Aurva explains to King Sagara about Gauri taking a human birth. Once Manonmathini who was the wife of King Kakutstha who had a hundred sons longed for a daughter and worshipped Chandika Devi, who Herself entered Manonmathini’s womb and was born as Taravati. When Taravati entered the prime of Her youth, King Kakutstha arranged for Her swayamvara which the son of King Paushya attended. Taravati, who knew She was the human form of Kalika, worshipped Kalika (Self by the Self) for a good Husband. The svayamvara is described. Chandrashekara and Taravati are married.

Ch 49: 79 Verses: 12 minutes 24 seconds: Size:11 MB

Brief: Once when Taravati had come out of bath, Sage Kapotha beheld Her with carnal desires and enquired Her identity and sought Her for amorous experiences. While Taravati refused, saying She is married to Chandrashekara, Kapotha kept insisting and Taravati did not know how to prevent the sage from inflicting a curse. When She consulted with sister Chitraangadaa, the latter suggested to give Her (Taravati’s) clothes to one of the maids and send to the sage, since He wont notice the difference, being burnt by passion. Taravati asked Chitraangadaa herself to take up the switch and go rather than some other maid, to which Chitraangadaa agrees. From the affairs of Chitraangadaa and Kapotha, two children were born. As one can imagine, King Sagara wanted to know how Chitraangadaa had become the daughter of King Kakutstha. ( Since Taravati was the only Daughter born to Kakutstha and Manonmathini ). Aurva replied that once when King Kakutstha had gone hunting, he had a lustful relationship with the Apsara Urvasi, through which the beautiful daughter Chitraangadaa was born, whom the King brought to Manonmathini to bring up. Once Chitraangadaa ridiculed Sage Ashtaavakra, who cursed her saying “You will become a slave of your own relatives; after being a slave, you will give birth to two sons while not married.” Thus Chitraangadaa was sent by the King to wait upon Taravati and she bore two sons by Kapotha.

Ch 50: 157 Verses: 25 minutes 11 seconds: Size: 23 MB

Brief: Story of the birth of Vetala and Bhairava. After a long time, when Taravati went back to the river Dhradvati to take a bath, She encountered Kapotha Rishi again with Chitraangadaa. Kapotha asked Chitraangadaa as to Who this lady extremely beautiful was; to which Chitraangadaa replied saying that he (Kapotha) had amorously desired Her in the past and that She (Taravati) had given Her ornaments to her (Chitraangadaa) to go instead to the Rishi and begged him not to bother Taravati who happened to be her Sister. Realizing he had been deceived, Kapota got angry and cursed Taravati that a Kapaali, ugly and poor will rape Her and within a year two sons with the face of monkeys will be born unto Her. To that curse, Taravati said to Kapota that if Truth is all-powerful then No One other than Her Husband will cast amorous glances at Her. King Chandrashekara built a tall building studded with gems and used to take Taravati to its top every day for romantic sports. One day when Taravati went there without Her Husband and was meditating upon Shiva and Chandrashekara, not knowing They were the Same, Shiva and Uma were travelling in the sky and Shiva told Uma to enter the body of Taravati, so She could produce the re-birth of Bhringin and Mahakala and also satisfy the curse of Kapotha. Uma agreed and when Shiva approached Taravati, He had transformed into a Kapaali and thus Vetala and Bhairava with the face of monkey were born. Their elder brothers were Uparichaara, Damanaa and Alaarkaa.

Ch 51: 214 Verses: 38 minutes 8 seconds: Size: 35 MB

Brief: King Chandrashekara was always partial to the elder brothers of Vetala and Bhairava, since the latter seemed to Him to have been born without His involvement. He gave a lot of wealth to Their Brothers but hardly anything to Vetala and Bhairava which turned them angry. In the meantime, Kapotha wanted to leave Chitraangadaa and go for penance; so he went to Kubera, got plenty of gold and other wealth and thence went to King Chandrashekara offering Him the wealth, asked Him to take care of Chitraangadaa and his two sons Tumburu and Suvarchas. On his way from the palace, Kapotha saw a dejected Vetala and Bhairava, who upon questioning stated They were going for penance because of the partiality extended by Their father King Chandrashekara. Kapotha told Them that They were in fact sons of Lord Mahadeva Himself and so they should propitiate Him and he (Kapotha) would show them the procedure. Kapotha then instructed them to proceed to Kamaroopa, where Kama was re-given life by Shankaraa after being burnt to ashes.  The two reach Kamaroopa and meet Vasishta who gives them the instructions as to mantra, method of worship etc of Shiva, whose five forms, namely, Sadyojaata, Vaamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishaana had to be meditated upon. Great stuthi by Vetala and Bhairava for Shiva is in verses 179-198. Shiva pleased asked Them for any boons desired, to which They said all they wanted was to get enlightened to realize Him (Shiva) and be devoted to Him for thousands of ages. Shiva granted the Godhood and told Them that in order to keep Him pleased, They should also propitiate Parvati, His consort.

Ch 52: 30 Verses: 5 minutes 58 seconds: Size: 5 MB

Brief: Shiva proceeded to instruct how to propitiate Parvati, by giving mantras and procedural steps.

Ch 53: 40 Verses: 7 minutes 9 seconds: Size: 7 MB

Brief: Shiva continues explanation to Vetala and Bhairava the ritualistic worship of Mahamaya and method of meditation.

Ch 54: 46 Verses: 8 minutes 15 seconds: Size: 8 MB

Brief: Instructions on the ritualistic worship of Mahamaya is continued with mantras for invocation and the upacharas (services) for the Goddess.

Please proceed to Part 4.

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha !


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