Monday, April 24, 2017

Teevra Chandika Stotram Audio

The photo at the top of this post is the same as from the pooja area at home. There has been a deep desire to recite Sri Teevra Chandika Stotram for a long time now. The problem has been that lyrics available in several places has been full of typographical errors leading to frustration. This has now been solved by re-writing the stotram manually eliminating errors and is available in the lyrics link given below. The Teevra Chandika Stotram follows the Sanskrit metre “Sragdhaara”, wherein one finds three parts in each line, each part being exactly seven syllables; this leads to a tremendous level of melody during recitation.
“Teevra” in Sanskrit means “intense”. As it is Chandika Devi represents high intense levels of energy, representing very very high levels of vibration. This specific stotram is extremely intense in itself. One can observe several bija aksharams throughout, which are pure, unblemished manifestations of the Divine and hence pronunciation becomes important. Although only 12 verses long with 4 lines each, this shlokam is as powerful as the Karpooradhi Stotram for Kalika Devi that can be found elsewhere in this blog. As far as “Phalasruthi” or benefits, very briefly in the last line, the shlokam states that by the power of the bija mantras here, sins get washed out, diseases get eradicated and fear gets eliminated. Let us praise Sri Chandika Devi and get bliss listening to this phenomenal shlokam.

This is a short hymn. 7 MB
And now the audio: 7 minutes 37 seconds long.
( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)
The hand-written Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Om NamasChandikaayai !



  1. Thank you very much for sharing this (intense) strotram!

    1. Namaste Shree Narendran !

      Glad you enjoyed ! May Sri Chandika Devi bless you always !

  2. Hi there many thanks for putting this up. Is there a English translation of this too? Please advice thanks