Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kalika Karpuradhi Stotram Audio

There has been a deep desire to recite the Karpuradhi Stotram for Kalika Devi for a very long time. That desire has been fulfilled now and is being shared with all those interested. There is an interesting incident in the presentation of this stotram. The shlokam in the Sanskrit printed source given below has had a lot of printing errors and needed to be cleaned up. The hymn is sung, put into Google drive, thence to iTunes and then transferred to the cell phone for convenient listening anywhere; upon everything being okay, the blog post is written to share with all. After listening once in the cell phone, and ensuring that the recording was okay, the next day when the song was played in the iphone, the cell phone file miraculously got corrupted “temporarily” – this has NEVER happened before. After several hours, the file did not show the corruption. This resulted in a thought that something is acting up unusually.
Today, when this post was just about to be set up, it was discovered that the very second word of the hymn was in error – in the printed source and hence in the recitation, and it went unnoticed. Hence, the heart felt that Kalika Devi wanted it fixed before sharing. The error HAS been fixed thanks to Sri Kalika Devi intercepting in Her own subtle ways – that is how powerful this stotram is !

The English transliteration source given below is relatively cleaner of errors.
This is a very powerful hymn for Kalika Devi and at the same time relatively short. The Sanskrit metre switches at about 3 minutes 45 seconds to Shikharini. Please recite with devotion and the bliss experienced will be phenomenal !

And now the audio: about 12 minutes 46 seconds long.
( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

Sanskrit lyrics can be found at:

Note that there are errors in the printed lyrics above that have been corrected in the audio.

English transliteration as well as meaning can be found at:

Om Shree Kalika Devi Namo Namaha !


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