Friday, January 22, 2016

Rahu 108 Namavali Audio


In the world of Vedic Astrology, two of the most powerful are Rahu Bhagawan and Shani Bhagawan. Rahu and Ketu are called “Chaaya Grahams” or shadow planets. Of course, Shani Bhagawan represents Saturn. Depending upon specific individual horoscopes, the periods ruled by Rahu and Shani can either bring great things and make life easy or bring in difficulties and make life rough. The best thing that any individual can do and must do is to worship these grahas with love and affection and offer them hymns and stotrams for their satisfaction. Regardless of whether times are tough or not, one needs to offer prayers to Them; one of the most powerful ways of offering worship is through homam.
At the top of this post is a short 1 minute 14 second video clip of Rahu Bhagawan Homam performed by my son, Shree Ajay on our back deck on a cold January 2016 afternoon. The homam comprised of Ganapathi Homam, Rahu Ashtottara Shatha Naamaavali followed by Rahu moola mantram 108 times. In the video, he is offering the Rahu Moola Mantram which is “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhrowm Saha Raahave Namaha Svaha”.

The Rahu Bhagawan Ashtottara Shatha Naamaavali in audio mp3 format is given below. This is the first time that an audio in this blog is given in a sing along format with gaps after every word or syllable set to enable the listener to follow and repeat. If you are performing a homam, please add “Svaha” after every “Namaha” and make the offering to Agni.
This is a short hymn.

And now the audio: about 15 minutes long.
( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

In the same site, you can find lyrics in other languages also.
Om Shree Rahave Namaha !


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