Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lalita Trishati Audio

Lalita Trishati is a powerful hymn comprising of three hundred names of Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi. It was given to Sage Agastya by Lord Hyagriva. One of the main inspirations in reciting this powerful stotram is that since direct initiation in the Pancha Dasi mantra has not been received from a guru, the back door way to please and praise Shree Lalilta Maha Tripura Sundari was deemed to be through the recitation of this shlokam. Hopefully, the end goal of praising the Devi is accomplished.
If you observe the names, they follow the pattern of the Pancha Dasi Mantra accurately. In the recitation, there in an error in Verse 28, line 2:  it should be Kataakshasyandhi, not Kataakshayasyandhi.

This is a short hymn. And now the audio: 11 minutes 54 seconds long.
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The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

The above site has lyrics in other languages also.

Om Shree Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari Devi Namo Namaha !


  1. Vannakkam ayya, i have been following your blog once a wk. It is awesome and great of you by giving good fruitful information on sanatan dharma.

    Regards to recitation of laitha trishati, i will like to know whether do we need to receive dheeksha from a able guru to recite especially for a commoner like us.
    I wasalso told that without receiving sri vidhya dheeksha, it will cause negative effects on our naadi and nervous system. What is the truth on these?
    Your honest opinion is needed sir..


    1. Sri Kesavan: To recite Lalita Trishati NO Deeksha is required. This is considered the back door to the Great Goddess as the post indicates. Recite away and receive immense bliss !!

  2. Respected Sir.
    You are doing very great service in preserving our slokas and mantras. Please chant Lalitha Sahasranama and Lalitha Upakyanam fully. May divine mother Lalitha bless you.

  3. Please quote any reference in purana, or even tantra where no initiation is required. Trishati is considered very very divine, even great Agastya maharishi did not receive it immediately when he requested his guru Lord Hayagriva. He waited at Lord Hayagriva's feet for 3 days without moving holding his feet, and finally devi Lalitambika gave permission to initiate Agastya maharishi into this final secret. This is not a joke and is at the very core of Sri Vidya upasana. If you are NOT a Srividya Upasaka, think twice before taking up this stotra. There are numerous other stotras with panchadashi mantra embedded for parayana and please devi foyogini shaapamr kshematva. Even lalita sahasranama phala shruti says yogini shaapam for revealing it to unfit persons, then what what to talk about Lalita Triahati!