Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bhuvaneshwari Sahasranamam Audio

Devi Bhuvaneshwari is one of the ten Dasha Mahavidyas. Dr. Krishna Kumar from the ParaShakthi temple in Detroit, Michigan says that just like Kali represents time, Bhuvaneshwari represents space. She is a Goddess with a beautiful countenance.

While there may be other Sahasranamams, the Bhakaaraadhi Sahasranamam that is being dealt with in this post is of special interest since all of the names start with the akshara “Bha”. Again, this is from the shlokam sent by brother-in-law Kishore and hence sincere thanks to him.

This shlokam has been recited with the addition of “Svaha” at the end of each couplet during homam and it simply fills one with bliss !

Now is presented the audio rendering of Bhuvaneshwari Bhakaaraadhi Sahasranamam which is about 35 minutes and 8 seconds long:

(Mobile Devices: Click Download; then play. )

NOTE: BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE ABOUT 32 MEGABYTES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- You will have to answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is a big file and praise to Sri Bhuvaneshwari Devi -- Her Grace is magnificent !

Here is the sliced pdf of the Sanskrit lyrics available at the link below. You might want to download and print it since it displays two pages at once and is in horizontal view.

English Lyrics have been developed at:

Om Shree Bhuvaneshwari Devi Namo Namaha !!


  1. Nice blog. DasaMahavidyas are powerful Goddesses. Matha Bhuvaneswari is one among DasaMahaVidyas who associate with open the Chakras. Chanting Bhuvaneswari mantra will give a peaceful life. I also suggest pooja for Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya to open Anahata Chakra. Perform Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya will help you to lead a peaceful life.

  2. Thank you Shreemathi Lalita Vishaka Ji for your kind words and insight.

  3. Hi Sir
    I'm really fond of your blog. By any chance will you have Bhuvenshwari Sahasranamam lyrics in English. If so I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you very much

    1. Namaste Ms. Kavitha:

      Thank you for your Divine visit. Unfortunately, lyrics in English are not available; however, attempt will be made to develop English lyrics from the Sanskrit rendering. This might take significant time. They will be posted in this blog when available. How to get it you when available is another question without you having to keep checking.

  4. Namaste Sir,

    I will keep checking.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. It has taken some time to develop the lyrics. They will be posted shortly.

  5. Oh thank you very much. May God Bless You

  6. Namaste

    Iam honoured Sir. Thank you very much once again. May God Bless Everyone.