Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shani AshtottaraShathanama Stotram Audio

Shani Bhagawan plays a very important role in the lives of everyone. One can please Shani Bhagawan in various ways including reciting hymns, shlokas, etc. One way that I practice is by trying to wear something black on Saturdays which are auspicious for Shani Dev. The Shani Ashtottara Shathanama Stotram comprises 108 names of Shani Bhagawan; I have recited it here as a normal offering; one can add Svaha at the end of every Namo Namaha and use in Shani Bhagawan Homam and it is beautiful. Wikipedia article is found at

I present now my vocal rendering of the Shani Ashtottaram which is 3 minutes 9 seconds long.( Mobile Devices: Click Download; then play.)

Om Sham Shanaicharaaya Namaha !


  1. Sir, Could you possibly re-post the Shani Sahasranama Audio please?

    1. Namaste Unknown: The Shani Sahasranama Audio has been re-posted. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The error was that I had mis-typed the link address.

      On a side note: just today I had performed a Shani Bhagawan Sahasranama Homam using this very stotram; and I read your comment and got it fixed !! What is the chance of this happening?
      It is Shani Bhagawan's WILL !!

      Om Shanaicharaya Namaha !!