Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gopika Geetam Audio

Lord Krishna is a powerful Divine form of ParaBrahman. While He is depicted always as being playful as shown in the picture from our family room, the protection and blessings that one receives from Lord Krishna worship are quite powerful. In Gopika Geetam, the Gopikas who are the cowherdesses, sing their praise for their dear Lord Krishna who gets quite moved by their devotion and bhakthi.

Incidentally, I am learning at this ripe old age, that it is bhakthi that IS the determining factor whether one gets closer to the Divine or not; the most elaborate worship that is devoid of bhakthi is not nearly as beneficial as a moderate prayer but one that is loaded with bhakthi. Then again, one questions all the time whether one's own bhakthi is pure and powerful -- even great saints have had this question and doubt -- and who can answer this -- only the Divine can ! I have an incident that happened fairly recently during the Maha Shiva Ratri on Feb 17, 2015. I will reserve that story for another time.

Gopika Geetam is set in the Sanskrit metre Sammata. That goes as t r t R r R t r T r R r R ||  t r t R r R t r T r R r R. I hope you can sing this yourself and enjoy the bliss it provides. Sarvam Sri Krishna arpanamasthu.

Now I present my audio rendering of Gopika Geetam which is 5 minutes and 28 seconds long.
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The English lyrics and translation can be found at:


I have made a pdf scan of the Sanskrit lyrics from an old book below:



  1. Respected Sir,
    Many thanks for sharing gOpikA gItam audio rendering.

    Additional thanks for sharing how to chant sammata chandas and the scan.

    Please do share the shivarAtri incident.


  2. If Krishna Wills, it will happen!