Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Murugan Shodashanaamam Audio

Just about two months ago, I came across a Youtube video by Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai in Tamil that talks about the power of performing abhishekam for Lord Muruga’s Vel. I have given the link to that video at the end of this post. I found it to be interesting. Just about a week after that, I came across an article in a book wherein Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava advises a young lady to get a small Vel made, then keep it at home and perform milk abhishekam every day to the Vel and then give that milk to her ailing mother-in-law who was in her mid-forties, that was suffering from severe stomach pain. The lady does that and the mother-in-law’s pain went away in a few short days and the latter ended up living to be 84 years old!

I felt that two incidents coming to my attention in such a short span, wherein I was NOT looking for it or researching it, was some sort of guidance to me. I did not know where to get a Vel from; and the possibility of getting one from India was a far fetched one. We have a picture of Lord Muruga in our house but no Vel that I knew of that I could perform “Paal” (milk) abhishekham to. As I was sitting on my aasana that my dear wife had purchased for me so I could sit comfortably during my paaraayanams, and was reciting some prayer, I looked up and there was a silver Vel with a small cup base, sitting on a wooden platform next to a small idol of Murugan, Valli and Devayaani ! I could not believe my eyes !

I asked my wife if she knew of the existence of a silver Vel in our home and she told me that we had been gifted that when we had sponsored a Skanda Shashti event at our local temple almost four years ago. That Vel had been in the same place for four years and I had been blind all this time. So, I thank Lord Muruga for opening my eyes. I now perform paal (milk) abhishekam every day saying Murugan’s mantra which is “ Om Sha Ra Va Nna Bha Va – Sri Murugaaya Namaha” and then follow with Subrahmanya Shodashanaamam which is sixteen names of Lord Muruga. The milk is then consumed by me and offered to the family members.

Here are the respective links:

I present my audio rendering of the Subrahmanya Shodashanamam shloka here which is 1 minute 33 seconds:

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The lyrics for the Subrahmanya Shodashanaamam are available at:


Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai’s Youtube video link is:

Om Sri Murugaya Namaha !


  1. those you uploaded is in sanskrit version PDF. can i get in tamil or english.

    1. Iyya: Thank you for visiting. Here is the English transliteration link:

      May Lord Muruga bless you !

  2. Hi
    I would like to know whether we can keep vel in our home. My family is a non-vegeterian, but one of our guru said to keep the vel (will be in pooja for 33 days) at home . pl let me know

    1. With deep love and devotion, the Vel of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy brings auspiciousness and is a symbol of Divine Knowledge. Worship with affection !!