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Complete Kalika Puranam Audio 1 of 5

This set of 5 posts represents a major entry in this blog.
The introduction and details are only in this first part and are NOT repeated in the other parts.
Kalika Devi is a powerful Goddess and represents very very high levels of energy. As such, She demands high levels of devotion and respect; in turn She offers great boons for Her devotees. She is akin to a loving Mother but one who is very strict in Her expectations from Her children. The auspicious events surrounding the parayanam recitation of Sri Kalika Puranam completed on October 2014 at home can be found in this blog at http://ctraghavan.blogspot.com/2016/04/kalika-devi-miracle.html  There developed an intense desire to recite and record the entire Puranam and make it available to all Kalika Devi upasakas and devotees so the feeling of being an audience to the Rishi Himself is obtained. By the Divine Will of Sri Kalika Devi, Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava, Sri Dr. G. Krishna Kumar and All the Divine Elevated Souls, here is the Original Entire Kalika Puranam recited in beautiful Sanskrit for the common good of all. This effort has taken almost eight months to complete. This is especially useful if one wants to undertake a “Kalika Puranam Shravanam Vratam” ( a Vratam is loosely defined as an “auspicious austere offering of devotion”; Shravanam means to listen or to hear ) to Sri Kalika Devi by listening to the entire Puranam. Or one could listen to individual chapters here and there depending upon one’s inclination. As in other audio in this blog site, this is a humble offering by a nobody – the audio is not professionally recorded, rather done in a factory environment after hours.
And now the details. This presentation comprises of 8,462 shlokas covering 90 chapters. Because of the sheer volume, there are a total of 5 parts here comprising 18 chapters each. The total hours of audio ends up being 24 hours, 29 minutes and 9 seconds. Some chapters are short and some long. If one is simply listening for heavenly pleasure or for individual chapters for certain merits, then individual chapters may be listened to ( some exceptions exist and they are detailed as and when needed, since one cannot break away from a story partially ). However, if a “vratam” is undertaken ( either with a formal “sankalpam”(vow) or simply a mental desire ) , then one needs to plan ahead. The vratam can be planned to be completed in 90 days at the rate of one chapter a day or in nine days at the rate of ten chapters a day (this is quite difficult) or in 45 weekends at the rate of 2 chapters every weekend or any other time period. Extended periods are not preferred because so many worldly hurdles may crop up thereby introducing anxiety. It is advisable to peruse through FIRST by way of timing of each section, listen to one or two chapters and plan well in advance and of course pray for the success of the mission.

( Just for the sake of reference, when the "Shravanam Vratam" was undertaken to complete from May 2 to May 13, 2017 -- in 12 days, it was in itself quite intense and physically strenuous. So please do not plan over-ambitiously -- one needs to complete at a good pace with love and devotion and not rush through. Also, the mantras in This Puranam are so intense that even though one is only "hearing", the amount of heat generated in the body resulted in massive levels of mouth sores; please take plenty of yoghurt ( Dahi ), milk and include "ghee" ( clarified butter ) in the diet. One can get up and take a few steps back and forth between chapters that have no "togetherness" restrictions. )

The number of shlokams and the audio time of each chapter is given individually, along with restrictions if any regarding necessity of keeping chapters together. A very brief description of each chapter is also given, so one has some idea of what is being listened to. While listening, because of the tremendous level of peace that gets generated, the body may tend to get so relaxed that one might fall asleep; to avoid this, please ensure plenty of sleep is given to the body ahead of time. To get the most benefit, try to pay attention to the words even if not fully understood. Understanding is great but not necessary; devotion is more important. One MUST sit and listen; per Srimad Devi Bhagawatham, one cannot lie down and listen, unless you are sick and / or handicapped. One needs to shower clean, ( if showering cannot be done because of sickness, apply vibhuti and/or kumkumam ), wear clean clothes and light a lamp and offer something to Sri Kalika Devi every day that the vratam is followed; it could be some formal food, fruits, raisins, milk or at least some sugar. If you are listening in the car, then a chapter CANNOT be stopped without completing completely, even if your destination has been reached. If there is a requirement to keep chapters together, then that MUST be followed also. Please offer the HIGHEST level of Respect and Devotion that is possible. This is a POWERFUL treatise, full of POTENT mantras and should NOT be taken lightly; if planning on a Vratam, please pray first to Lord Ganesha for the removal of all obstacles.
Being not qualified to advise whether women who choose to undertake the vratam can continue during days of “cycles”, they are hereby advised either to seek the advice of the learned or try to schedule ahead of time to avoid such periods completely.

The presentation here is ONLY the original Sanskrit shlokams that are hundreds of years old and no copyrights cover these. If interested in knowing the meanings of these shlokams, there are some wonderful Books available: (a) for English translation one is highly recommended to purchase the Book “The Kalika Purana – Sanskrit with English Translation by B.N.Shastri” by Nag Publishers – this is available from http://exoticindiaart.com  – the ISBN is: 817086491 and their item number is IDK854 OR from Saujanya Books in New Delhi whose address is http://saujanyabooks.com and their Book Code is: 9442. (b) For Hindi translation one can purchase “Kalika Purana – Sanskrit with Hindi Translation by Acharya Mrtyunjay Tripati” that item ISBN: 8187904062 from http://exoticindiaart.com published by Navashakti Prakashan Publishers and their item code is: NZA076 or “Kalika Purana – Sanskrit with Hindi Translation by S.N.Khandelwal” – that item ISBN: 978 812 180 3656 has item code: NZH189. This is stated only as a reference and helpful suggestion; there is NO financial commissions, incentives or commercial motivation behind these recommendations - NOTHING. These publishers are performing Divine Service by translating these ancient gems of shlokams, so please support them. If any Book is purchased, one must place the Book with reverence in a sacred area since it contains Divine mantras and represents the Deity Herself.

Downloading Files Note: This note is NOT repeated in the other parts of this set.

NOTE: BECAUSE MANY OF THE AUDIO FILES IN CHAPTERS ARE VERY LARGE FILES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- You will have to answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but these are big files and praise to Sri Kalika Devi -- Her Grace is magnificent !

 ( Mobile devices: click download; then play.)

And Now the Audio of Sri Kalika Purana:

Ch 1: 62 Verses: 11 minutes 8 seconds: Size: 10 MB

Brief: Brief obeisance to Lord Vishnu. Then story of the birth of Kama. Rishis headed by Kamata go to Markandeya to hear the Puranam who says It came from Brahma to Narada to the Balakhilyas to Sage Yavakrita to Asita to Markandeya who addresses the rishis. From Brahma’s mind came a female called Sandhya and from his mind also came forth Kama. Kama is given the boon that all living beings including Gods will be affected by His flowery bow.

 Ch 2: 59 Verses: 9 minutes 40 seconds: Size: 9 MB

Brief: The story of Brahma’s Illusion. Once Kama got the boon, he decided to test it on Brahma Himself in front of all sages. Brahma and the other sages get amorously attracted to Sandhya. Lord Shiva sees this and puts Brahma to shame for getting amorous with His own daughter. From the perspiration from the body of the lustfully agitated Brahma and other rishis the pitrs such as Somapa, Aajyapa, Sukaalin and Havirbuja arose who partake of the oblation of food to departed ancestors. Brahma gets angry with Kama.
Audio Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5yrewH-M1znWDVSVllBRUFkVEE/view?usp=sharing

Ch 3: 50 Verses: 8 minutes 16 seconds: Size: 8  MB

Brief: Story of the birth of Rati. Brahma curses Kama that he will get burnt to ashes while performing his dangerous task and will be redeemed from the curse and be re-born once Shiva gets married. Meanwhile from the perspiration from the body of Daksha, Rati, a beautiful maiden is born, who is married to Kama.

Ch 4: 42 Verses: 7 minutes 19 seconds: Size: 7  MB

Brief: Birth of Spring. Since Brahma was humiliated by Shiva, He started wondering how will Shiva take a wife, which is needed for procreation to go on and for the destruction of the demons. Brahma assigned Kama to fill Shiva with infatuation. When Kama asked for assistance, Brahma created Vasantha, the Spring.

Ch 5: 71 Verses: 11 minutes 52 seconds: Size: 11 MB

Brief: Brahma worships Mahamaya. In order to find the perfect match for Shiva, Brahma worships Mahamaya and asks Daksha to worship Her also so that She will be born as a daughter to Daksha and can then marry Shiva. The prayers and praises for Mahamaya are simply superb! (Around 2:50 to 9:50 in audio)

Ch 6: 72 Verses: 11 minutes 36 seconds: Size:   11 MB

Brief: Mahamaya Agrees. Mahamaya agrees to be born as Daksha’s daughter so Shiva can marry Her. Then as Brahma meets Kama to advise Him of the perfect Lady for Shiva, several ganas are born from the sighs of Brahma, known as Maras who will assist Kama in his duties everywhere in introducing amorous feelings in all. Brahma then describes Mahamaya to Kama.

Ch 7: 35 Verses: 6 minutes 37 seconds: Size: 6  MB

Brief: Brahma and Kama discuss the lack of progress in disturbing the mind of Shiva, Who remained unperturbed by the flowery arrows of Kama.

Ch 8: 73 Verses: 13 minutes 22 seconds: Size: 12 MB

Brief: Daksha continues to propitiate Mahamaya Who gets happy with the penance and agrees to be born as his daughter and become Shiva’s consort on condition that the moment he disrespects Her, She will leave. Then the many sons born to Daksha decided to become celibate sanyasis and finally as soon as he married Virini, Mahamaya was born as Sati to Daksha. Narada visited them and told Sati that She would become Shiva’s consort.

Ch 9: 59 Verses: 10 minutes 30 seconds: Size:  10 MB

Brief: The description of the penances done by Sati month by month tom attain Shiva as Her husband. Meanwhile Brahma and Vishnu approach Hara to plead with Him to take on Sati, Who would be His perfect companion and support in the meditative activity.

Ch 10: 77 Verses: 14 minutes 8 seconds: Size:  13 MB

Brief: Mahadeva was pleased with Sati’s penance and decides to marry Her.

Ch 11: 60 Verses: 11 minutes 42 seconds: Size:11  MB

Brief: Shiva and Sati are married. Vishnu attends the wedding along with host of other Gods and Goddesses and explains to Shiva the identity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Ch 12: 67 Verses: 12 minutes 2 seconds: Size:11 MB

Brief: Vishnu explains the identity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and describes the creation of the universe.

Ch 13: 54 Verses: 9 minutes 43 seconds: Size:9 MB

Brief: Shiva understands the identity of the Trimurthys and sees everything and everyone in His own Self.

Ch 14: 57 Verses: 10 minutes 6 seconds: Size:9 MB

Brief: Brief description of the lovely times of Shiva and Sati as a newly wed couple. This is a very mind relaxing and beautiful chapter as the wonderful natural scenery is described as the background.

Ch 15: 52 Verses: 9 minutes 31 seconds: Size: 9 MB

Brief: Beautiful description of the rainy season and being scared by the thunder and lightning, Sati asks Shiva to build an abode for themselves. After evaluating choices, Sati chooses Kailasa for an abode. The description of the land, trees, birds, animals, siddhas, gandharvas, etc is superb!

Ch 16: 68 Verses: 12 minutes 42 seconds: Size: 12 MB

Brief: Detailed description of huge sacrifice organized by Daksha to which Shiva and Sati were not invited. Sati gets dejected and angry at the same time and gives up Her body. Her cousin Vijaya is afflicted with grief. This is a very emotionally moving chapter.

Ch 17: 55 Verses: 10 minutes 21 seconds: Size: 9 MB

Brief: Shiva overcome by grief at the death of Sati, sends Virabhadra to destroy Daksha’s sacrifice. This is is a hair raising powerful chapter

Ch 18: 120 Verses: 21 minutes 9 seconds: Size: 19 MB

Brief: Shiva being overcome by grief, takes the body of Sati and roams around in anger; at that time, Vishnu, Brahma and Saneeshvara enter Her body by yogic powers and cut to pieces, and wherever a piece fell that became a Shakti Peeta. The Gods then worship Shiva who eventually calms down and goes to Kailasa. ( They use the powerful  mantra: Namah Shivaaya Shaanthaaya Brahmane Linga Murthaye -- around 9:00 mins in audio ).

Please proceed to Part 2.

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha !


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