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Shani Sahasranamam Audio

Everyone experiences Shani Dasai (Dasha) in life at one time or another. Whether it be Ashtama Shani, Ardhaashtama Shani, Saade Saathi otherwise known as Yezhara Naatu Shani in Tamil that lasts seven and a half years, the effect of Saturn in one’s life brings a lot of concerns. Two of the most powerful grahas in Vedic Astrology are Shani and Rahu. However, one needs to be aware that Shani Bhagawan ensures that karmic debt is reduced. One has to address for bad karma no matter what; but by propitiating Lord Shani, the fines can be reduced; the fines have to be paid anyway but they can be lowered and in some cases completely forgiven by His favor. This is similar to being caught because of speeding – the policeman can give the full charge of let us say a hundred dollars or he can choose to give a lowered fine of forty dollars and in select cases just issue a verbal warning with no monetary levy – this is the importance of propitiating Lord Shani. But it is felt that one should pray to Lord Shani out of pure love and devotion; that is akin to praising the policeman; for without the traffic cop, everyone will be driving like a maniac and the roads will become unsafe.
It is felt that one should worship Lord Shani all the time and not only when experiencing Shani Dasai. Just being aware of Lord Shani will enable one to stay away from performing bad karma. Wearing black on Saturdays, reciting or listening to Shani Bhagawan stotrams, lighting lamps with sesame oil, offering help to the handicapped, performing, sponsoring or helping out with Shani Bhagawan Homams or simply saying "Om Sham Shanaicharaaya Namaha" are ways and means to offer respects to Lord Shani.

The Shani Sahasranama Stotram presented here whose Rishi is Kashyapa, is the thousand name hymn for Lord Shani and is indeed a great way to offer salutations to Him. Verse 10 states Lord Shani is in charge of life expectancy; verse 31 states He likes ghee and curds from black cows and gets immense pleasure when one takes care of or donates a black cow (verse 32); bathing a black cow provides the merits of taking a bath in the Ganga (verse 33). Offering sesame seeds to Lord Shani is meritorious ( verse 61); so is offering sesame seeds in a Homam or using sesame oil (in lamps) (verse 62,65); Lord Shani comes in the form of Brahmins and hence one needs to respect and take care of them (verse 78) and He is worshipped even by the Devas (verse 79) and is in charge of all planets (verse 104); Lord Shani loves Shami leaves (verse 174); loves devotees of Lord Hanuman (verse 198). The hymn closes by stating that this Sahasranama Stotram will provide one with patience, safety and forgiveness by Lord Shani.
This is a very nicely flowing hymn and the lyrics details all things that Lord Shani loves. This is the same stotram that is used in Shani Sahasranama Homams performed at home.

This is a long hymn. 34 MB
And now the audio: 37 minutes 29 seconds long.

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NOTE: BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE ABOUT 34 MEGABYTES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD AND THEN LISTEN. On mobile devices and some computers, you may get the message -- This file is too large for Google to scan, download anyway? -- You will have to answer "YES" and then listen after download. On some computers, when you hit the play button, if nothing seems to happen, click the Download arrow at the top, click download anyway and then listen. Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is a big file and praise to Shani Bhagawan -- His Grace is magnificent !

There are two errors in the printed lyrics as given here:
Verse 152/2nd line: Print should be “Raashidhvyaadipapaschaiva” not “Raashidhvyaadipaschaiva”
Verse 165/1st line: Print should be “Vishamavyaashta” not  “Vishamavyayaashta”.

The Sanskrit lyrics can be found at :

Om Shree Shanaicharaaya Namo Namaha !


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