Friday, October 21, 2016

Miracle during Navaratri 2016

Just like in 2015, the same desire to conduct a Maha Chandi Homam every day of the nine days of Navaratri came back in the mind now in 2016. ( The article in 2015 along with the miracle then can be found at  here  . And as before, the Divinities tend to help anyone who has a desire to propitiate Them.
This year, the biggest issue to deal with was the weather. It so happened that we were supposed to visit a friend’s house in September; it was later cancelled and then subsequently Re-instated for the same original time – upon reaching their house, they had installed a green-house for their plants – that gave the clue to purchase a similar one to conduct the Homams. Hence, immediately purchased one from Amazon. Ajay, the son, helped with the installation, which was re-inforced at the roof level with straps. The tent was now ready – note that it would not have happened had the meeting been cancelled – this was therefore definitely Divine Intervention.

The wife wanted to expand our already massive Golu arrangement – we used to have nine steps – she wanted to make it eleven this year. Hence some modifications were done and the wife and daughter set up the beautiful eleven step golu which is the picture on top of this post; the wife and daughter are in the picture also. The golu comprised of new additions this year including Khodiyaar Maata as well as another Devi Karumaari Amman. The width of the golu steps is 6 feet and the height is almost 7 feet. There were two dangling decorative ornaments hanging from the ceiling. One of them was accessible and the other one not; the inaccessible ornament decided to let loose and drop down -- however MISSING the Divine Figurines by less than an inch !!! That was a miracle -- if it had hit one, the golu would have been destroyed. The other ornament was then removed for symmetry.
Just like in 2015, eleven boxes of wood were cut and ready ( two boxes extra just in case ), four forty pound bags of coconut were purchased and cut in halves and put into smaller bags, plenty of bottles of ghee were purchased; flowers, betel leaves and mango leaves were purchased and shipped by FedEx Next Day Air from Vivek Flowers in New Jersey. The wife made fresh food for the Divinites every day after shower and in a state of “Madi” ( which means absolute cleanliness in Tamil ). The workplace allowed "Adiyen"  ( humble servant here ) to leave every day around 8:30 am to go home to perform the Maha Chandi Homam.

As before, health co-operated – no cold, flu or cough problems. The very first couple days was rain and the last day was rain – the tent protected everything! The event went beautifully – everyday the Homam comprised of Pavamaana Suktham, Ganapathi Homam followed by Kavacham, Argala Stotram, Keelakam, Sidhdha Kunjika Stotram, Navarna Mantra, Nyaasams,etc, then Thirteen Chapters, Rahasyams, Kshama Praarthanaa, Sri Suktham. From the start of “go” it took four hours every Homam and at the end it was pure bliss! James, the Divine Soul from the workplace, attended the 4th day – the Devi Herself invited him! ( He can be seen in the video at the bottom for 4th day )
This year, wanted to make short video clips of each of the nine Homams about two minutes or so each – these are presented here – one can see the Divinities such as Devi, Kanchi Maha Periyava, etc on the walls of the Homa Kundam – details are given in the YouTube description for each video. When watching these short clips, please see in full screen mode with headphones for best effect. YouTube links are at the bottom of this post.

Of course, Adiyen ( the humble servant here ) desired a sign of some form ( just like in 2015 ), reassuring that these beautiful mantras are reaching Para Shakthi Devi – a photo or a cell phone message or some statement from someone would have been great it was felt. The wife had invited about 70 people to come and seek the blessings of the Golu Deities on Saturday the 8th of October and have lunch. She had to leave out a lot of acquaintances since fitting so many people at once is a challenge. Saatvic food was catered from the Vallabdham temple in Newington. The Homam for that day was completed at 11:45 am. People started dropping in by 12:48 pm.
Around 2:00 pm, the wife turned and said “Look, look who has come !” Without any invitation, a lady acquaintance by the name of Sri Kaaleeshwari came in to the house !!

Sri Kaaleeshwari said “I know I have come without a formal invitation; is that okay”

Wife said: “With a name like Kaaleeshwari, You Are the most important Person here. Please come and be happy ! With Maha Chandi Homams happening every day here, this is the best that one can ask for !”

We all felt Sri Kalika Devi Herself in human form came and blessed all of us ! If this is not a miracle, what is?
Links to YouTube Videos:
October 1 2016 - Day 1
October 2 2016 - Day 2

October 3 2016 - Day 3

October 4 2016 - Day 4

October 5 2016 - Day 5

Oct 6 2016 Day 6 - From Right of Yajamana

Oct 6 2016 Day 6 - From Left of Yajamana

Oct 7 2016 Day 7

Oct 8 2016 Day 8

Oct 9 2016 Day 9

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Mahalakshmi Devi Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Maha Saraswathi Namo Namah ! Om Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava Namo Namaha ! Om Sri Krishna Kumaraaya Namo Namaha ! Om Namaschandikaayai !


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