Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Miraculous experience of Kishore with Vak Siddhi of Sri Kanchi Bala Periyava and Sri Pudu Periyava

Vak is speech; siddhi is power. Vak Siddhi is a power whereby whatever one says, happens. This is a supernormal power and the pre-requisite to acquire Vak Siddhi is Vak Shuddhi which is purity of speech. This incident was narrated by brother-in-law Kishore during his recent trip to India in April of 2016. It was felt that this story should reach beyond the immediate family and hence this post.

Kishore had made an elaborate trip to India in conjunction with his work that comprised stops at New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. After finishing up with all sorts of business meetings, he had two days left to himself and wanted to pursue his spiritual interests. So he ended up going to Kamakshi Amman temple in the middle of Chennai, where the Acharyas of Kamakoti Matam were staying – both Sri Bala Periyava and Sri Pudu Periyava. The photo at the top of this post, shows Sri Bala Periyava on the left and Sri Pudu Periyava on the right. Kishore was not appropriately dressed for the occasion; he was dressed in suit and tie having just finished his last meeting; hence felt that it not behoove to visit the saints.
As he entered the premises of the establishment, two ladies poorly clad approached him. One of the ladies decided to speak to him and said the following:

“Sir, we are poor people and we make our living by assisting cooks at functions such as upanayanam, weddings, funerals, etc. I have a daughter whose wedding has to be conducted. The proof is this ‘thiru maangalyam’ (which is the equivalent of a wedding ring). I went inside and saw the saints and told them my concern as to how I would pay back the loan taken to buy this; I really cannot afford this; this modest thiru maangalyam cost me six thousand rupees ; the saints told me ‘The money will come. Everything will be fine; the wedding will take place well.’ So I am begging you to give me whatever you can……..”
Kishore, who is an enlightened soul himself, reaches to his pocket, takes out his wallet and finds EXACTLY six thousand rupees, no more, no less ! And he gives the entire sum to the lady; in response, one can imagine the emotional state of the lady, full of tears of joy, blessed Kishore and went away!

When true saints speak, it happens.
So many things had to be aligned for the event to take place the way it did; Kishore could have missed the ladies; Kishore could have decided to stay home; he could have had only five hundred rupees; he could have chosen not to part with his money thinking these are crooks; and so on and so on. For help to a needy person coming from a far away land -- This is called Divine Intervention. This is nothing but a miracle.

Thanks to Kishore for sharing this story.




  1. Thanks for sharing this too. I was googling for Lalitha Stava Ratna and came upon this link. Real blessing for seekers like me.

    I too by chance happened to be in Chennai at the time. The Acharyas were hosted by the Chavali family. One of them is my sishya sister. Their Kamakshi temple is a MUST see place to visit. I was wondersrtuck at SRI KAMAKSHI. My friend just took me there without telling me any details. I just went to have a look. She took me right in front ( not in the garbhagriha). The time for haarati and I couldn't believe my eyes. Amma was moving her eyes and looking at the crowd, smiling and looked at the priest and again smiled. I looked at my friend and she smiled and asked, "So, you too saw her eyes and smile?".

    Every visit to Chennai, I make it a point to visit HER. The place is quite and serene with no crowd.

    1. Namaste Poojya Amma19 ji: You MUST be a divine soul for Sri Kamakshi Amman to give you this phenomenal darshan ! It is because of pure and devoted beings like You, that righteousness, good will and well-being exists still in this world. Your comment feels like Devi Kamakshi Amman Herself talks with us ! Nandri, nandri, nandri !

    2. Thanks for sharing this... So true...

    3. How to reach out to CT Raghavan or kishore .

    4. Hello SRM: Better to reach out to the Goddess Herself ! She is more potent, powerful and compassionate. Praise Her and Ask Her for Anything !!!!

  2. Can you pls say where that temple is in Chennai?

    1. Checked with Kishore: the temple is in R.A.Puram in Chennai. Kishore was also kind enough to provide the following link that relates to this temple.


      Thank you for your comment !