Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kali Homam Jan 2016 -- Kali Present

After a wonderful Maha Chandi Homam on the 2nd of January 2016, there was an intense interest in performing a Kalika Devi Kakaradhi Sahasranamam Homam. So, the next day, on the 3rd of January 2016, preparations took place to perform a Kali Homam in the evening. It gets dark by about 4:45 pm and the Homam started around then in the back deck in the cold. After the Ganapathi Homam, the main mantras comprised of Kalika Kavacham, Kalika Kakaradhi Sahasranamam, 108 Kalika Gayatri and 108 Dakshina Kalika Moola Mantras. A brief 3 minute video clip is presented below:

Kalika Devi Present:
As in a previous post on Maha Chandi Homam performed the previous day, when the video was reviewed almost a week later, there was a pleasant surprise.

The Homam was performed facing east. So north is to the left. If you focus OUTSIDE the Homa Kundam on the North East side in the video, you can see an image of Kalika Devi’s compassionate eyes watching the offerings being made and hearing the mantras being recited . Because of the poor quality of the transfer of the video taken on a cell phone to You Tube, it is best viewed in HD setting of minimum 720 pixels or higher in a full screen mode on a laptop or computer. To do this on You Tube, once video has loaded, hit the pause key and click the gear icon, click on 720 pixels or higher, then hit the play button. The image gets clear between the 0:30 and 0:50 minute mark.
This soul believes She was present; this belief brings in happiness. It was nothing but bliss! Thank YOU Maha Periyava! Thank YOU Adi Para Shakthi! Thank YOU Lord Shiva! Thank YOU Sri Kalika Devi!

Om Sri Kalika Devi Namo Namaha !


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