Saturday, October 31, 2015

Maha Chandi Homam Navaratri 2015

Above is a picture of the Navaratri "Golu" at our house - October 2015. Wife and kids arranged and payed great attention to it!

It is with great humility that this post is written. There was a thought that flashed in the mind about performing a Maha Chandi Homam at our back deck at the house EVERY DAY for the nine days of Navaratri 2015. As you might know, this is quite a big undertaking even when done with the minimum requirements. But the greatest moral of this story is that the Divine Powers above us HELP us in every way possible, when we take on tasks that are inherently good.
To start off, the wife and children were all for it and the people at work were willing for giving time off DURING the work day – this was necessary, because it is very dark in the morning and gets very dark in the evening hours.

Secondly, nine boxes of wood had to be cut and kept ready; that process started on September 20, 2015. The Indian store from where coconuts had to be purchased in a large quantity of about 110 pounds, could not find it for a long time and finally located a supplier in New Jersey that was able to deliver 130 pounds just in time; all those coconuts were cut into the right sizes. The availability of large quantities of "ghee" was getting delayed, but finally came in. All the necessary items for the ahutis were obtained. Flowers were purchased and FedExed from Vivek Flowers in New Jersey.
The deck was swept, kept spick and span because all the Devatas, Devis, Gurus and Rishis would be coming to attend the havan. A portable tent was purchased in case it rained; that became available at Sears at a discounted price of $53.

So many factors had to be in favor – health had to be good with no flu-like symptoms; throat had to be good to enable recitation; the bodily functions of excretion had to co-operate for the five hours of homam every day; there should be good Vak Shuddhi to enable reciting mantras properly; weather had to co-operate with no rains or strong winds.
Kept on praying to Kanchi Maha Periyava and all the Gods and Goddesses to help with all these variables and keep them controlled and enable a nice offering of Homam. For three weeks, the forecast was for rain on Tuesday the 13th of October, the first day and on the Friday, three days later. Amazingly, the rain meant for Tuesday, came and went one day sooner and the rain for Friday came and went the previous mid-night! The tent was not even needed! Winds were under control! Health was good; throat was good; bodily functions were good. All of the rains and winds came in the following week !

Children made the flower malas for Devi; wife made neivedyams every day; there were no problems at work. Kept asking Devi to give some sign that the prayers are reaching HER, by way of a photo or picture at least by way of a cell phone message. On the sixth day, wife gave a picture of Kalika Devi, saying “ I had purchased this from Butala Emporium long ago; forgot to give it to you ! You can have !” That was the trip ticket to cloud nine. That is the picture below -- Kalika Devi -- the Master of Time !
Included HER also in the havan in the last two days! Did not take pictures or videos – was nervous all the time!
It was nothing but bliss! Thank YOU Maha Periyava! Thank YOU Adi Para Shakthi! Thank YOU Lord Shiva!

Om Namaschandikaayai !


  1. Sir your rendering is very superb and useful for learning.can you pls post Bagalamukhi ,Dhoomavati,Kamala sahasranamam in tamil.
    Pls chant and upload sri bala sahasranamam also.

  2. Sir pls upload lalitha stava ratnam chanting .


  3. Hello Thirumathi Meena: Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately, I don't know where to get the lyrics in Tamil. Some of these are fairly rare; it will be a great service if someone does put up the lyrics in Tamil from the Sanskrit version. I will try to include the other ones you have mentioned if God Wills.

  4. Thanks a lot for your kind reply sir.I have tamil lyrics for lalitha stava ratnam . (or ) could not find any audio for this sir.If you do it will be a great help for us.